The Slayer

Jax Devor is ‘The Slayer’, an elite bounty hunter who tracks and eliminates super-powered criminals for high end digital currency, when the wrong target is killed the new mob retaliates and forces him to rethink everything he values.

In New Orleans 2048, Jax Devor is tasked with hunting super-powered criminals, referred to as Numon. The regional Bounty Board, run by Councillor Chace Toran and Governor Vance Yultery, pays out in Ping, new digital currency worth ten times the U.S. dollar.

His next target is Jonathon Holder, the biggest drug distributor in the region, self-proclaimed playboy and a dangerously powerful wizard. A three-dimensional image shows Jonathon unleashing a radiating, white-hot energy and searing the flesh off of four haphazard slayers.

Jax fights to the death in Jonathon’s drug plant and home, cheered on by raucous party guests. Jax’s superior physical skills are no match for the wizard’s unrelenting power and rage. As Jonathon materializes to deliver the final blow, the wizard’s head is reduced to a red mist by, Leech, a gray skinned orc posing as Jonathon’s bodyguard, and Jax’s partner.

Chairman Raeth, the undisputed boss of the Los Nibos criminal organization, is informed his son, Jonathon Holder, was murdered by two slayers authorized by the Bounty Board. Raeth wants to send a message by killing all those involved.

Heightened activity by the Los Nibos causes Governor Yultery and his daughter, Dylia, to attempt a move deeper inside the fortified city. In the ensuing melee with Chairman Raeth’s assassins, Dylia is revealed as a Numon. Power drips from her pores.

Jax is contacted by Councillor Toran. He wants Chairman Raeth eliminated in retaliation for the governor’s execution. He threatens to strip Jax of his slayer status. Jax reluctantly agrees.

Jax tracks Chairman Raeth to his mansion. The battle with Chairman Raeth appears to be a lost cause for Jax. Raeth’s ability to steal his victim’s souls has Jax’s whole body burning. He clutches the mob boss’s wrists and lets out a primal scream. Finally, Jax releases his latent power. With effort, he takes Raeth’s hands from his throat. Jax kicks him across the room and draws his gun. Raeth is in shock. The weakened roof crashes on top of Raeth. Jax rolls out of the door.

Councillor Toran vacillates onto Jax’s wrist holo-comm. Toran expresses the urgency of recovering Dylia. He wants to exploit her abilities. Toran’s personal army surrounds Jax, laser rifles focused on the slayer. Jax head snaps up. Untapped power brims beneath his eyes.

‘The Slayer’ is a sci-fi, action adventure where the protagonist, Jax Devor, is forced to question what he values. Does Jax dispose of super-criminals for the perks provided; designer drugs, exotic women and more ammo than he can load in his guns? Or can he find a more noble cause for his skills in a world overrun with excess?

  • Kenan Hillard
  • Project Type:
    Television Script
  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Action
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Writer Biography - Kenan Hillard

Kenan was born and raised near Chicago, IL. He earned a B.A. in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Kenan currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA.

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Writer Statement

Kenan grew up in the Chicago, IL area. At a young age he developed a fascination with the design and construction of skyscrapers. He believes Architecture shares similar principles with writing; creativity and problem-solving. Through the writing process he creates characters readers are passionate about and explores new worlds in detail. His writing is influenced by sci-fi movies ranging from Mad Max to Pitch Black.