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Blessings From The Deep

In this 114-page present-day action-thriller, Lance Blackburn, protagonist, seeks redemption, forgiveness and self-worth. A spec ops veteran who served in Iraq, he mourns men killed on a CIA mission he led to kill ISIS fighters in an Iraqi refinery.

Despondent, Blackburn believes he’s at fault for trusting the Islamist terrorist Samir Barayev, antagonist, who betrayed him in the refinery and now wants to avenge the wounds Blackburn inflicted on him. This betrayal fostered Blackburn’s prejudice and distrust of all Muslims, and caused his early retirement from the CIA.

Content to volunteer teaching martial arts in the ‘hood, Blackburn learns, through CIA deputy director Benson Philips, who ran the refinery mission, that Samir is again at work, this time in the Caspian Sea with his fellow Chechens, stealing nuclear waste to use against targets in Europe and Russia. Attacked by Samir’s terrorists near his home days earlier, Blackburn, desiring revenge, agrees to help hunt and kill Samir, whom Philips believes also targets the world’s largest oil rig, the CES Magnum Solo. An intelligent, highly-skilled professional, the prideful Samir always precisely executes his ambitious terrorist plans in return for ample payments from his sponsors.

Agreeing to Philips’ request, Blackburn starts developing his plan to secure Magnum, though a mutual dislike immediately develops with Bill Carnahan, CEO of the company that owns the rig. Blackburn then meets Hedara Madani, who runs Magnum’s drilling operations but he doesn’t know she’s Muslim. They develop an attraction to each other that is quickly interrupted when Samir finds Blackburn. Each hunting the other, both escape death as Samir and his terrorist teams find and fight, without result, Blackburn.

Because Samir’s deceptions created confusion about his real targets, Blackburn, Carnahan and Philips find themselves unprepared when Samir attacks Magnum. Lethal close quarters battle on the oil rig costs lives as Blackburn grapples with his prejudices and needs for redemption while fighting Barayev’s terrorists and his sophisticated plans for destroying the Magnum Solo and the world’s largest oil field.

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    Action Thriller
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    United States
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