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Louisiana Nights

No one is to ever know what bumps in the night and a guardian and his guide are chosen with each major event to stop those who dwell in human myth and legend that actually exist in our reality. This sci-fi drama follows the newly appointed charges on this journey against monsters and demons the thrive during Louisiana nights.

  • Dwight D Dodd Jr
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    Television Script
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    Sci-fi, drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Dwight D Dodd Jr

Dwight David Dodd Junior was born in Baltimore, Maryland on August 3, 1983 in the impoverished Cherry Hill community. Born to two African American parents of mixed race, Dwight quickly exceeded scholastically entering gifted and talented programs and moving on to Baltimore City College High School. After his parents divorce Dwight was moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where he attended college preparatory school and graduated from Community College High School in North Las Vegas where he majored in Psychology and Music (voice) in 2001. Dwight then attended La Roche College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he graduated with a a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Dwight then moved back to Baltimore, Maryland where he attended Strayer University and received a Bachelor's Degree. Upon graduating Dwight worked as a homeless caseworker, a call center representative for a major cable company and then as a Probation Agent where he remains to this day supervising Baltimore City and then Howard County, Maryland. Dwight is now a married father of one daughter and he has a passion for writing the human condition in an entertaining manner.

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Writer Statement

A comedic writer who mixes humor and the human condition to entertain. Taking influence from Wanda Sykes, Seth McFarlane, Dennis Leary, Josh Whedon, Constance M. Burge and Stan Lee my goal is bring a comedic element to science fiction from an observationalist perspective.