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The Poker Game

In a Halloween night when four friends decide to play cards and their wishes come true

  • Cheo Tapia
    Green Drops
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    Short Script
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Writer Biography - Cheo Tapia

* Born as Jose R. Tapia in New York City Manhattan March 16, 1953. His parents where Puerorricans and Cuban Italian. Lived in New York until turn 6 yeas old then move to Puerto Rico. At the age 11years for his ability of guitar playing got him pick to join a prominent school of music in Puerto Rico, La Escuela Libre De Musica. While in Puerto Rico he learn skill as boat handling, deep sea fishing and his favorite scuba diving and certified in different levels. His family from Puerto Rico gave him so much influence while been raise by his grandma. By the age of 17 years decided to join the US Army ended in FT. Bragg NC Home of the Special Forces. After his service when to travel and landed in Albuquerque, New Mexico while there he when back to his roots playing guitar. Nominated in the New Mexico Music Awards from 2003-2006. A movie producer approach him about his music but ended having a supporting role in a full feature film The Raise and Fall of Their American Dream (credited in Imdb). After being bite by the bug of movie making and acting he enter a script contest at PATH Fest run by Christopher Coppola got nominee and thats when he decided to fallow the road of acting and movie making.

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As a veteran with disability will be a honor and a bucket list wish to be pick as one of the lucky one to received a invitation for such event
Cheo Tapia

Please see my IMDB to see my movies resume