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Brixton, “Brix” Jennings, a head strong New Yorker, raised in Harlem, returns from college after landing a teaching job in her heavily gentrified old neighborhood. Reluctantly, Brixton reclaims her role as pseudo parent to her musically gifted kid sister Sanji, while butting heads with her mother Dawn just like old times. As Dawn inherits a Harlem gold mind of property following the death of her brother, Brix finds herself in the belly of the beast as she navigates through her old hood as both the gentrified and the gentrifier.

  • Robin Williams
    Garden of Eden
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Robin Williams

Robin Williams is a native Bronx, New Yorker of Jamaican descent. Currently residing in Philadelphia, PA as a freelance writer and small business owner. As a scholarship college athlete, Robin completed her B.A. in Journalism from the University of the District of Columbia (2008) and later attended Georgetown University to receive an M.A. in Sports Management (2013). In her previous career, Robin was Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach and Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Support at her alma mater The University of the District of Columbia where she served for five years before returning to her hometown in 2015 to explore more creative pursuits. In February 2017, Robin made her debut as a filmmaker with the creation of the short film Garden of Eden, which she wrote and co-directed. In May 2017, Garden of Eden was selected into the Cannes Film Festival Creative Minds Short Film Corner in Cannes, France.

Robin prides herself on creating work that has a social impact and is currently developing documentaries about the effects of gentrification on the D.C. Public School System, and colorism in the Black Community. Robin also facilitates monthly writing workshops on how to use creative writing to heal trauma which she holds in Philadelphia.

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Personal Statement

Writing has always been an outlet for me, a way to express myself and share my creativity with the world. As an African American, female writer of Jamaican decent, I feel a sense of obligation to leave a legacy of art, and visual media that is both thought provoking and reflective of the times. Ever since I was a child, I loved to write stories, create characters, and plot lines. My imagination and creativity was always very active despite being a shy, introverted child. My curiosity about people, far away places, and the relationships we have with ourselves and others has always been something of great interest and inspiration, which I continue to pull from to create my present projects.

My TV Pilot Phased, is largely inspired by my life as as a freelancer living just above the poverty line, and experiencing the harsh, displacing effects of gentrification while simultaneously witnessing the benefits of such social and economic changes as the grandchild of a self-made, real estate mogul. Navigating the murky and often conflicting existence as both gentrified and gentrifier, has given me a unique perspective of society, social change, and what it really means to be a “have,” and a “have not,” and the implications surrounding such circumstances. Through conflict, comedy, and breaking down a lot of my own personal experiences, Phased is the product of the rapid population changes that are happening in cities across America, my family’s struggles, and my life long existence as a storyteller.