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The Button

A group of high school students tries to overcome natural occurrences that are caused by their Geography teacher's magic button.  In order to survive, they need to strengthen the bond of their friendship along their adventure.
When a new substitute Geography teacher came to the school, Baldwyn and his gang thinks there's something strange about her and start making fun of the teacher, Ms. Hazeldine. But after she shows her magic button that can turn the classroom's environment into whatever they are learning currently, Baldwyn and his friends are bewildered by the amazing phenomenon. Their adventure begins when they are learning about human evolution during the prehistoric age. Baldwyn and his gang clicked the button on their own, even though Ms. Hazeldine strongly forbid it. Unfortunately, Baldwyn's friends got kidnapped by a cannibal cavemen clan to turn them into food or a sacrifice to the gods. Now Baldwyn has to find the rest of his friends and return them back to reality, while trying to escape the dangerous creatures and fluctuating climate.

  • Filiana Tanoto
  • Project Type:
    Student, Screenplay
  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure
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  • Student Project:
Writer - Filiana Tanoto