After his famous musical parents disappear on tour, a college junior must keep their ocean-side recording studio afloat and scout for the next big "hit" in order to provide for his young siblings.

  • Pamela Jones
    A Fare, Restoration, The Lucy Gray Agency
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    Television Script
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Writer Biography - Pamela Jones

Pam has written for radio and television as a copywriter for the past 30 years for stations including Knowledge Network, CTV and Global TV.

She recently had the honor of being chosen as a Top 10 Finalist in the Cannes Screenplay Competition for co-writing a First Nations' short script "Restoration". Prior to that, her short script for "A Fare", from a story by producer/director Lily Hui, was filmed and then screened at Lady Filmmakers Film Festival, La Femme Festival, and Local Sightings Festival. It was a finalist at Austin Film Festival, Women in Film Festival, was a finalist on the "hot list" for the Cleveland Film Festival and was purchased by the Gaia Network.

Pam just finished writing her comedic, female-driven motorcycle feature "Indian Summer", the script for an off-beat TV pilot "The Club", set in a dysfunctional private golf club and the short film "Scarlet" - a modern take on the "Scarlet Letter".

Pam is a voiceover artist and coach who co-owns the sound studio, Soundswrite. She currently serves on the Advisory Board for Broadcasting at British Columbia Institute of Technology and is also on the board of Women in Film.

The mother of two grown daughters and a mini schnauzer named "Gracie", Pam can often be found riding a motorcycle or writing at her favorite place - a trailer in the woods at a remote Norwegian campground outside Vancouver where she also loves to garden.

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Writer Statement

"As a sound studio owner and voiceover artist, I've always wanted to create a series set in that world. There are so many characters that come in and out of the booth - singers, narrators, cartoon character actors, - people of all ages with so many crazy, funny, dramatic, moving stories to share. I've worked with meditation experts and addiction specialists and have had teens come in feeling as though they haven't had a voice, but who gained strength and confidence after hearing themselves full blast on the studio speakers.

Having raised two girls, I have spent many years watching series like "Gossip Girl" and "The O.C." and enjoy writing in the voices of all ages. With "Amped" I've blurred the line between reality and fiction by inviting the audience to decide which bands or groups will be featured on the show. "Amped" is more than a reality music show - it offers viewers the opportunity to feel like they can follow the lives and loves of both real and imaginary characters."