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Welcome to the fastest spin class in the world, where periods of sanity and insanity often meet. Welcome to SPINSANITY! Contestants try to maintain their sanity as they attempt to answer as many questions as they can, under duress, strapped inside a human centrifuge, in the fastest 3 minutes of their lives!

Every week, the show pits willing contestants against the spin cell known as: “Celly.” Celly is an agitated, computer-generated centrifuge, that the contestants are strapped to for the ride of their life …literally! At the beginning of round 1, the contestant starts with $5,000 in his/her fuel cell. He/she attempts to answer as many questions and accumulate as much money as possible, in 3 minutes. Celly grows very impatient with each passing second and therefore only allows 27 seconds at each screen for the contestant to provide an answer, possibly use one of two available passes or ask for additional help from a studio audience member, that is randomly chosen at the beginning of the program. Once the contestant answers the question and locks in his/her response, by pressing the green button on the right side of the pod, it randomly freezes the next screen and the next question. At that point, Celly makes an easy spin to the right, left, or a full or double revolution spin to the next awaiting screen. Much like a mechanical bull, Celly never responds the same way twice! Every question has a value and that monetary value is either added to or taken away from the fuel cell with every correct or missed answer. Keep in mind, Celly can only run with positive funds in the fuel cell therefore, the game can also end if the fuel cell registers zero before the 3-minute time limit elapses. Bonus and double value escalators randomly appear relative to each question to increase the questions value. Also, a big dollar escalator ($100,000) is attainable if the contestant answers three questions at each of the four screens. Beware of the Eddy! If this little twister appears and the question is missed all funds from the contestant’s fuel cell are depleted and the game quickly comes to an end. Anxious yet?

In every weekly hour episode of SPINSANITY new contestants with new stories battle the computer controlled spin cell that has a mind and attitude all its own. The contestant has the option to take the money accumulated in their fuel cell from round 1 and go home or risk it all for greater wealth and higher stakes in round 2. Round 2 is known as the “speed” round. In this round, Celly is more agitated than ever, given that the contestant has chosen to challenge him once again. Celly only allows 17 seconds in round 2 for the contestant to choose his/her answers. The speed round presents with its own heightened level of distractions, previously not seen in round 1 which is difficult to overcome given the shortened time to make their decision. Again, the contestant has 2 passes he/she can use in this round. He/she can randomly choose a different assistant from the audience as well or keep the same assistant from round 1. All questions in the speed round are worth $10,000 however, the question diminishes in value by $1000 with each passing second (after 7 seconds has elapsed). The value of the question, at the time the question is answered, is added to or subtracted from the fuel cell if answered correctly or not. All escalators are in play once again however, if the contestant achieved the big dollar escalator in round 1, achieving it again in round 2 equates to an additional $250,000 bonus in this round.

The Spin Cell “Celly”– Computer generated centrifuge that contestants are strapped to. Celly tries to disorient the contestant in various ways to make answering questions more difficult.

The Contestant – Chosen game show contestant tries to answer as many questions and accumulate as much money as he/she can in 3 minutes in rounds 1 and 2.

The Host – The “voice of reason” for the contestant, throughout the show. He is an advocate for the contestant, providing encouragement and awareness during the game.

Studio Audience Assistant – Randomly chosen by the contestant – he/she presses a button to stop the overhead spot light and that audience member is chosen. If the game show contestant asks for help from the assistant, during the game, the assistant will receive 10% of the funds available in the contestant’s fuel cell for every question they answered correctly at the end of 3 minutes. The contestant can pick a replacement assistant for round 2 as well.

Studio Audience Members – All audience members have an opportunity to answer each question as it appears on the show (on their handheld device), under the same criteria as the contestants …minus the spin. This is one way for individuals to audition to be future contestants on the show. The top 5 scores from the audience are recognized during the broadcast. Spotlight projects downward on these individuals.

Each contestant has different needs and a unique story to tell. Contestants present with personal stories regarding their life enhancing wishes; a desire to have a reliable car to go back and forth to work, a trip to see their son or daughter they haven't seen in a while, etc. These “wishes” help to create intrigue along with an emotional connection that links those at home with the contestant. If the contestant chooses to go to round 2, they will have the opportunity to capture their desired wish with consecutive right answers in that round. The target number to achieve this wish is determined by Celly and the contestant at the start of the speed round. The contestant will be asked to pick a number between 1-20. The difference between that number (i.e. 2) and the number Celly chooses (i.e. 8) will be the target number of correct responses (i.e. 6) he/she must achieve to capture this wish.

Also, there is a possibility of utilizing the Microsoft HoloLens in round 2, which combines the physical and virtual worlds together in a blended environment. The show could obtain a sponsorship agreement with Microsoft to showcase the HoloLens on the program, featuring headgear that is specifically designed for SPINSANITY and not commercially available …yet! Microsoft can utilize the show to unveil new designs as well. Celly, through the HoloLens, will come “alive” and further intimidate/recruit other characters (i.e. twisters) to distract and disorient the contestant in the speed round segment of this 3-minute challenge.

  • Scott G Haack
  • Scott G Haack
  • Celly - the agitated computer controlled human centrifuge
    Key Cast
  • Lou Santini - host
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour
  • Completion Date:
    February 14, 2017
  • Production Budget:
    350,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
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