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Body, Mind and Spirit 2017 #GENDEREQUALITY

This is an animated documentary music video about gender equality and against abuse to all women. This is portrayed within a year-end review of the geo-politics of 2016 and the transition around the world from the 20th. to the 21st. Century, the shift from Obama to Trump and the ongoing terrorism that we are forced to embrace.

The soundtrack features the entire CD album, GO YOUR WAY, by LIQUIDISLAND. All songs except the last 3:15 minutes are written by Keith Forman. The ending instrumental music is written and performed by Brian Murphy with support from Steve Curtis, recorded as a mix multi-track whereby Brian plays both the drums and guitar.

All music is used with composer permissions and Keith Forman's songs always are monitored by CD Baby. LIQUIDISLAND is managed by VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO and me, multi-media artist and owner, VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO.

This music video is high-definition MOV file format with high quality audio - play it loud and watch it "large..."


Take action; teach others - support gender equality and an immediate end to all abuse to women around the world, from domestic violence to dogmatic dehumanizing demands - the woman is never ever subservient to the man.

  • Jeffrey Pergament
  • Jeffrey Pergament
  • Jeffrey Pergament
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    Body, Mind and Spirit 2016
  • Project Type:
    Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Feature, Music Video, Web / New Media, Other
  • Runtime:
    59 minutes 47 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    January 28, 2017
  • Production Budget:
    88 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    Iran, Islamic Republic of, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, State of, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, United States
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    MOV, mp4, mp3, jpeg, digital
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  • Visual Phenomena Studio
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Director Biography - Jeffrey Pergament


My name is Jeffrey Pergament and I have been a practicing, professional visual artist since 1974. My first professional exhibit was in late 1974 as a participant in a 3-person fine art exhibit – I was the newcomer, recently graduated with my BFA and a multi-media arts practitioner. The other artists were “big league” visual artists - Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso – both global arts and cultural influencers and two of my favorite painters plus other genres. Although much information is available online when anyone enters my name, Jeffrey Pergament, into any web browser’s search engine, allow me this opportunity to identify some of my favorite artists and influencers who made me pursue a deeper understanding of the craft as well as the social profiles within which art is created and injected. Included in this group of creative people who influenced my studies and my politics about art and the humanities are Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Francis Picabia, Mark Rothko, Francis Bacon, Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Frida Kahlo, Renoir, Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Stanley Kubrick, Roman Polanski and many, many, many others from all around the world and especially my tropical favorite and color theory/figurative influencer, Paul Gaugin. Unlike the days in former decades when artists required cadavers to study anatomy, we now live in the age of visual sensory overload and appropriation art is a viable genre for public exhibition and sale. In this contemporary digital age, everybody is an artist and photographer, a videographer and a photojournalist, and then we have the blogs and the bloggers. I admit that I, too, have blogs and am a blogger.

The boundaries for intellectual property and copyright are being stretched daily as the world becomes more exposed with every launched and orbiting satellite that carries signals and data packets back and forth from computer to computer. Laws are one aspect; the enforcement of said laws is a different aspect – this is a socio-economic issue for intellectual property rights and copyright/trademark registrations that we in the USA face relative to China. The digital download platforms provide any pirating opportunities and artists/creators never receive the actual fees for use of intellectual property that should be in place across the World Wide Web.

Today, we can study everything that existed before us and everything that is happening around us. Through my visual art and A-V multi-media projects, I strive to push the metaphorical envelope of social taboo against knowing who we are, to remove sexual and sensual hang-ups and ignorance-based intimacy with others, eliminate the false moral values and archaic “Victorian” principles that interfere with governmental art support, and to foster and augment the sensory experiences that are available to us as the only species with the capacity for art. When we live within our natural and created environments without an adequate means of self-expression or level of self-esteem and self-worth, everything that we do serves as compensation for this basic fact – a lack of an adequate means to express oneself – exaggerated through illiteracy and poverty yet inherent by random development from negligent parenting generation after generation after generation for 4 decades.

I recognize that a certain level of literacy is required to grasp the “1,000 words per picture” that are represented in my paintings, photographs and other works of visual and multi-media art. Arrogance is worthy of containment and diminished public exposure. To eliminate the necessity of speed in balance with time to review my work, my career history and contact information, I have several proprietary web sites on the World Wide Web. I now will provide three for this commentary: is my main corporate identity web site that features many aspects of my design/build and architectural fine art and design services, various client/project and personal accomplishments and current projects and special services that I administer or coordinate now. My multi-media projects and some very special elements available to the public from this web site also adorn the web pages of CREATED ENVIRONMENTS DOT COM. is my primary YouTube broadcast channel, featuring animated documentary music videos as well as my own visual art and creative writing in videos to showcase my paintings, sketches and still photography while discussing current events and the issues of the global day. Examples extend from documentary photography and graphic arts about gender equality and abuse to women to studio compositions and still life studies and live, on-air variety shows, interviews, innovations and cultural affairs, and news item introductions. is my dynamic WIX-hosted online project/client portfolio for VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO. This web address and site showcases a specific selection of my films, my paintings, hand-painted furniture and photography, and my design/build architectural accomplishments, special projects and special events with which I am or had been involved. This web site’s Special Events section in the PROJECTS category visible on the home page (there are 6 different sections in this category) is a showcase for LIQUIDISLAND, a 5-member original American rock band that I manage, market and promote through VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO. LIQUIDISLAND performs only the original songs written by Keith A. Forman, BMI songwriter, friend, client and band-leading guitarist who released a new CD album in May, 2016 that includes 14 original tracks written by Keith and performed by LIQUIDISLAND. GO YOUR WAY is a limited-edition CD now available for purchase directly from VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO and from my online gallery and design studio at In addition to Keith Forman, LIQUIDISLAND band members also include John Carr, vocals; Bernie Owens, drums; Rit D’Arienzo, bass; and Peter Vul, guitar. All the music included on GO YOUR WAY is available everywhere that music is streamed and sold online and especially on, where you can listen to the entire song and the entire album, rather than a 30-second teaser that most commercial MP3 download sites offer to induce you to buy the track.

Thank you for reading my commentary today.

Dr. Jeffrey W. Pergament, DD, COTUM; Artist/Owner, VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO
Manager, LIQUIDISLAND, an original American rock band
610-504-6421 (PayPal verified business account email ID for VISUAL PHENOMENA FINE ART)

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Director Statement

My vision? GENDER EQUALITY AND AN END TO ALL ABUSE TO WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD. Despite the many aspects that we face around the world, I am one person, a single father; that is, I was – my daughter pre-deceased me when she died in June, 2011. She was 37 years of age. The accompanying animated documentary music video represents some of why I paint what I paint and make the music videos that I do, following her death and my own life-saving emergency lung surgery that I had undergone in mid-April, 2010 and while recuperating, suffered a heart attack and then underwent heart surgery and was home by May 18, 2010.

I am a professional multi-media artist and have been addressing these two issues, GENDER EQUALITY and an END TO ABUSE AGAINST ALL WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD, in a targeted manner as my primary purpose since my participation as a CHANGEMAKER at the Global Oval Conference held in Philadelphia during the 2016 DNC this past summer. Coordinated with the Better World Campaign/Fund and the UN Sustainable Life Initiative that began in 2015 as a 15-year project for change around the world, Number 5 on the UN list of objectives is GENDER EQUALITY – to achieve this globally by 2030. For me, 2017 makes better sense – end abuse to all women today; now.

Currently, my animated documentary music video, Body, Mind and Spirit 2016 (18:29) is showing on the World Wide Web and is under consideration in specific International Film Festivals including the Chicago Feminist Film Festival, the 3rd. Annual Bentonville Film Festival in association with the Geena Davis Foundation, the Louisiana Film Festival and the CINEPLAY awards and screenings. My second animated documentary music video project, the hour-long sequel to the 2016 music video, also addresses GENDER EQUALITY and an END TO ABUSE AGAINST ALL WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD, for which I was able to incorporate the entire 14-track CD Album, GO YOUR WAY, performed by LIQUIDISLAND and written by Keith A. Forman, BMI songwriter and founding bandleader. Sub-titled WOMEN ARE PEOPLE, TOO, this animated documentary music video is titled Body, Mind and Spirit 2017 #GENDEREQUALITY (1:01:58), and now is showing on YouTube Channel VISUALJEFF1 and on Vimeo at, as well as on several proprietary web sites.

The hour-long 2017 music video includes references to the Obama legacy, the January 20th., 2017 transition of power from “Chicago” to “New York City” as Donald J. Trump became the 45th. POTUS, the impact of leaked and/or hacked government, corporate and personal information, global jihad, terrorism and the scorched earth policy and practice disguised as the Arab Spring, economic sabotage and competitive market manipulations and banking history since 1913 and what occurred around the world between 1913-1986 that set the stage for the past immediate 30 years, as the world spins on its axis and journeys from the 20th. Century through the 21st. Century and I take a refreshing, entertaining and educational view of the year past, 2016, as a highlight animated documentary music video, Body, Mind and Spirit 2017 #GENDEREQUALITY.

This dual-target theme is incorporated into all my arts efforts in all the genres with which I create my works, from stretched canvas and acrylic pigments to mixed media, film, video and still photography, and creative writing which is presented on the WordPress platform as and

My career path and quality of life entertains a new design for life and new purpose-driven focus. I have faced this ambulatory challenge for 50 of my 65 years so far. As a single father whose daughter had died in 2011 at 37 years of age, I now have my life alone to create and produce the multi-media audio-visual arts projects that express the wisdom I paid to obtain as I help others who cross my path who may be less fortunate and are indeed seeking help to change a failing life plan or the lack of action or a plan. I do my best to educate the ignorant toward a better design for living with others on this shared planet that endures a severely damaged and polluted ecosystem and a physical infrastructure with wide-spread and significant states of disrepair throughout the USA and most of the developed world.

For me, nothing I do ever is about the money BUT I DO KNOW MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ‘ROUND. This additional opportunity to have my work considered for presentation on HSN is simply fabulous and I thank you for the email advising me of this offer.

Very truly,

Jeffrey Pergament, Artist/Owner, VISUAL PHENOEMNA STUDIO

All artwork Copyright ©2017 by VISUAL PHENOMENA; all rights reserved unless otherwise specified or agreed in writing or other acceptable means of contract usage. (Every Sunday night from 9 PM – 11:30 PM EST/EDT)

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Post Script: I had graduated from film school 6 months after my daughter was born in June, 1974. I received a BFA with Honors in Media Arts and a BA in Developmental Psychology from Stockton University in December, 1974. My first professional fine art exhibition was as a participant in a 3-person show with Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. I was in awe of this initial introduction to launch my professional career. Since 1976, I have been certified to teach art and special education in secondary school in New Jersey and in elementary and secondary school in Florida.