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Court of Public Opinion

Roy Price, once a high powered prosecuting attorney, now dedicates his life to exonerating the wrongly convicted. He is contacted to help save a man's reputation, family and life from further destruction at the hands of the Court of Public Opinion.

A loving husband and father found innocent of a double homicide is pushed to the brink when he finds himself at the center of yet another confusing and horrific murder. Unable to live with the possibility of housing an unknown evil inside, he tries to save his family from further shame as well as keeping society safe from harm. Roy Price, is a well known defense attorney that has rededicated his life to exonerating those falsely accused of crimes. He will need to uncover the truth, rather than simply finding closure to appease the Court of Public Opinion, before additional damage is done.

  • James Barber
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    Thriller, Drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography - James Barber

Born in Augusta GA, James Barber has spent the majority of his life developing entertaining stories that have been shared with family and friends for personal entertainment. James used his talent for inspiring, persuasion, writing, and storytelling to start and grow a successful IT company. He has now decided to pursue his dream of creating screenplays to entertain children with animated stories that deliver subtle messages to his audience.
He has managed Top Secret projects as a part of his IT career, as well as served as a research scientist at NASA studying the atmosphere. These careers have inspired him to create dramatic science fiction stories full of advanced technology, conspiracies and unexpected twists.

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Writer Statement

My goal is to inspire children, captivate adults and make audiences wonder about the plausibility of possibility.