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Hybrids: We Are Human Too

This SF thriller set five minutes into the future dramatises for the millennial viewer the popular anxiety that we are being taken over by technology. Johnny – half computer – and Kestrella – her hand is her smartphone – are hybrids, victims of a new disease that merges people with frequently-used gadgets. Together they battle a conspiracy that will lead them to the top of a country in chaos. Hybrids is X-Men meets Mr Robot for the tech-addicted.

  • David Thorpe
    The Fastest Forward
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    Television Script
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - David Thorpe

David is a successful writer of fiction for adults, young adults and older children. He believes strongly that with imagination we can change the world. He's the author of Hybrids, "a stunningly clever novel" – The Times – which won the UK HarperCollins-Saga Magazine Children's Novelist competition. He co-wrote The Fastest Forward for Comic Relief, a feature film starring Jerry Hall, and co-founded the London Screenwriters' Workshop. Stormteller led to his presence on the Hay Festival's first ever cli-fi panel last year. He is co-author of the Doc Chaos comics series, novella and TV scripts. He has written and edited comics and graphic novels, for Marvel, and other publishers. He has worked as a commissioning editor for various book publishers, plus in journalism, television and film, and is a director of Cambria Publishing.

He is a valued author, journalist, thought leader and inspirational speaker in the fields of carbon-free energy and sustainable development, writing for many publications. He is an expert at interpreting complex information in an engaging, straightforward way. He has run many workshops and courses on scriptwriting and creative writing.
David has a four tv proposals ready:
• a sci-fi series for adults based on Hybrids;
• Marvel's Captain Britain tv series;
• Robin Hood: Birth of the Heroes, a children's fantasy adventure series about the 'origin' of Robin Hood and his friends and enemies as children;
• Divided We Stand, a studio-based sitcom.
He also has a feature comedy script, 50 Pink Elephants, and a new SF time travel novel: Till The End Of Time.

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Writer Statement

Hybrids is a deeply personal project for me. It's about attitudes to people who are different and about how our relationship with technology is changing our bodies. I know from people's reception to my award-winning novel on which the series is based that they identify strongly with the concept of hybrids. It resonates because deep down our love-hate relationship with technology feels uneasy and we don't know where it's taking us.