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The Death of Virgil

You’ve got the perfect career, perfect wife, perfect car and tons of money. But in one tragic night you lose it all—because you die. What would you do about it? What COULD you do? Just ask Virgil Davis; he just bit the dust and he’s really pissed off about it!

After a night of the world crashing down on him, Virgil accidentally falls in front of a speeding train and splat! He’s crossed over…

From there, Virgil is ushered towards the “light” by his guide, Clemens, a tattered-looking supernatural bum with an agenda. But refusing to pass on into the light, Virgil is left face-to-face with a world in which he has no place, no one… and no love. For Virgil, being dead isn’t what it’s supposed to be—and it takes time for him to see in death what he was missing in life.

When Virgil finally does see his world through the eyes of a dead man, he realizes he isn’t missing much; it was a life worth letting go of. But out of the darkness he sees one reason to not let go: his True Love.

Love has put Virgil on the quest to live again. But proving you’re worth a second chance doesn't come easy to a dead guy and ultimately he understands; love is the one thing you take with you when you’re finally gone.

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