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Unwed: A Mother's Journey

Unwed is the story of Ruth Kilmer, a Mississippi school teacher who had to make a complicated decision when she found herself pregnant and out of wedlock in 1962. The story chronicles the events that led to Ruth’s untimely pregnancy and the decisions she had to make regarding what to do with an unwanted child. As the daughter of a prominent Methodist minister in a small town near Jackson, Ruth was faced with an enormously difficult decision. Revealing her pregnancy could have cost her a career in the teaching profession and would have diminished the stature of her father in the local and state religious communities. She ultimately made the decision to disappear, as many others did in those days, under cover of a lie. Ruth and her family told the story that she was going away for graduate school for a year; in truth, she lived alone for the duration of the pregnancy and eventually left the baby at an orphanage in New Orleans. Thirty-five years later, Ruth decides to find the baby boy she left in Louisiana. The crucible of the story lies in her anguish and the effect her decision to find him has on her, her family in Mississippi, and on the boy who is now a grown man. Her pursuit in finding him and the interactions she has with his family provide a glimpse into the complexities of opening the Pandora’s Box for everyone involved. The story has a number of unexpected turns, one during her time alone in New Orleans when she contemplates suicide and another when Ruth becomes very ill and the two world’s collide as her son comes to her near the end of her life. In the background throughout the story is the man who fathered the child and his incessant pursuit of Ruth throughout their lives. The story is a story of unexpected circumstances, anguish and loneliness, the effect of secrets, openness, and closure. The undergirding message is the presence of God in the lives of the main characters and how prayer, faith, and love can see God’s people through the most complicated circumstances. Main characters include: Ruth; her two parents and immediate family in Mississippi (three children she did not put up for adoption); Matthew (child put up for adoption); his family (wife and two children); and his parents. The story is a snap shot of time in the 1960s, fast forwarding to the late 1990s and concluding in the early 2000s.

  • Joey Kent
  • Charles (Chuck) Owen
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  • Genres:
    Drama, Faith-Based, Adoption-Reunion
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Language:
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
  • Christian Film Festival
    Newport News, Virginia
    August 28, 2016
    Best Screenplay
  • LifeFest Film Festival
    Sacramento, California
    April 30, 2015
    Best Screenplay
  • Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood
    Los Angeles, California
    January 17, 2014
    Best Screenplay
  • International Christian Film Festival
    Orlando, Florida
    May 2, 2015
    3rd Place - Best Screenplay
  • SkyFest Film Festival
    Asheville, North Carolina
    October 19, 2013
    Award of Merit - Best Screenplay
  • Act One Screenplay Competition
    Hollywood, California
    February 27, 2017
    Official Finalist - Best Screenplay
  • Chandler International Film Festival
    Chandler, Arizona
    January 9, 2016
    Official Finalist - Best Screenplay
  • Los Angeles CineFest
    Los Angeles, California
    July 7, 2016
    Official Finalist - Best Screenplay
  • California Women's Film Festival
    Los Angeles, California
    July 1, 2016
    Official Finalist - Best Screenplay
  • Sacramento International Film Festival
    Sacramento, California
    October 18, 2014
    Official Finalist - Best Screenplay
Writer Biography - Joey Kent, Charles (Chuck) Owen

Joey Kent: Since 1992, Joey has worked on feature films, television shows and music videos as a set designer, builder, decorator and dresser. In 2010, he began writing movie scripts and has collected over 50 festival awards so far including Best Screenplay for "Unwed" at the 2016 Christian Film Festival; Best Screenplay for "Unwed" at the 2015 Life Fest Film Festival; Best Screenplay for "Unwed" at the 2014 Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood; Best Screenplay for "The Olive Branch" at the 2010 Urban Mediamakers Film Festival in Atlanta; the Rising Star Award for "One More River To Cross" at the 2011 Canadian International Film Festival; the Orson Welles Award for "CiviliTEA" at the 2012 California Film Awards, an Official Finalist for "Cradle Of The Stars" at the 2011 Amsterdam Film Festival; Official Finalist at the 2012 Newport International Film Festival in Wales, UK for "Without The Boys"; Winner of the 2012 Roswell International Film Festival Screenplay Shootout for "CiviliTEA"; and numerous Honorable Mentions and Top Five awards throughout California and the United States. Joey is married to Amber Lutz Kent.

Charles (Chuck) Owen is a first time author. Chuck wrote the book "Unwed" which serves as the foundation for the screenplay. Joey and Chuck collaborated closely in the development of the script. Chuck lives in Western Louisiana and is a retired military officer, currently working as a consultant and adjunct professor.

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