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HorseLand - The Movie - A Documentary about a Path of Life-Mastery

Fascinating documentary and overview about work and life of Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling.

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling is considered unique in the horse-scene. This documentary introduces you to one of the world’s most unique and successful horseman and life-coach.

Since decades, Klaus is influencing and inspiring not only the horse scene.
Since his first bestseller “Dancing with Horses”, which literally overnight made Klaus a star inside of the horse-scene, the author established himself around the world through various unique characteristics of his being with horses.
In his work, Klaus combines the image of the classically shaped school-horse with the unique experience for horse and human, to achieve all this authentically by meeting and acting unrestrained and to bind this way closely together, developing in the softest way an always peaceful, harmonious dance in the most wonderful elevation posture, uprightness, and expression.
From the very beginning, Klaus has been connecting his being with horses with the oldest, today practically unknown traditions, which are recognising the horse as a center of human development towards authenticity, inner strength, a congruent personality and comprehensive personal success. This became a crucial anchor point for Klaus for his creation of a worldwide unique being with horses.

The author of ‘Dancing With Horses’ and other world-bestselling books like 'What Horses Reveal' and 'The Horse Seeks Us', teaches the principles of genuine life, against the background of both the mythological and the real horse. His Facebook page has more than 1.600.000 members, his clips on YouTube have been seen more than 11 million times.
With his professional background in communications and art, Klaus has shaken up the international horse world. He is at the forefront of new ideas on working and interacting with horses and transmitting these insights towards general human issues.
The development of the rider’s (humans in general) presence and an orientation to holistic principles is integral to this work. Klaus’ first book, ‘Dancing with Horses’ (translated into more than 10 languages), met with overwhelming international success; thousands of spectators have witnessed a way of interacting with horses that made the horses the teachers, the bearers of mysteries, whose proximity could transform human lives.
He emphasizes the importance of totally honest self-assessment and self-knowledge and both mental and physical self-control, demonstrating how a misplaced or misunderstood feeling, glance, posture, attitude or movement can make the difference between success and failure in the relationship with a horse.

Klaus has the ability to "know" a horse within a few seconds and within a few minutes of the first meeting, he establishes a relationship so firmly that anything after that is completely based on trust - creating life-long friendship with the horses.
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling is at the forefront of working and interacting with horses and is known for authentic and effective groundwork according to the horses' nature, often proved and documented with (breeding) stallions. He considers the horse's psyche and communicates via body language with these beautiful creatures.

The main focus of his teaching is the humans' personal development and he is the founder of horse assisted manager and leadership training, having trained and coached many managers and leaders from companies all over the world. Klaus lived with wild horses in wilderness to observe their animal language and natural horse behavior. In the beauty of this nature he developed his principals of the 'first encounter' of human and horse.

One of his specialties is the work with difficult and aggressive horses. Hempfling transforms dangerous, nervous, traumatized horses into cooperative companions. They recognize him as their leader, and become willing partners in groundwork and under saddle. The KFH riding system 'Balanced Weight Riding' starts with thorough groundwork and lunging at liberty, building up the potential for the exercises of the High School Dressage (Haute Ecole), like shoulder-in, Spanish walk, passage.

One may say that he is meanwhile one of the leading names in the issue animal and especially horse welfare and horse passion and love, as well as horses in wildlife, roots in nature and animal communication. The German TV program called him one of the most important horse whisperers of the world. Hempfling's professional background is in the fields communication, art, theater, music, study of native people and cultures. He lives on a small island in the Danish Archipelago where he conducts exclusive courses for people from all corners of the world.

  • Malene Lütken
  • Jenny Eilander
  • Mireille Dhooghe
  • Karina Felix
  • Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
    Key Cast
  • Mireille Dhooghe
    Key Cast
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    1 hour 33 minutes 23 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    September 26, 2016
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    Denmark, Netherlands, Spain
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Director - Malene Lütken, Jenny Eilander