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The Lily

The life span of a lily which can be interpreted many ways....it can be a simile of the life of an average person.

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  • Ireland
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Contact Details : Cáithlin Mulligan
Email : Caithlinmulligan00@gmail.com or Caithlinmmulligan@icloud.com
Phone : 087 3647757
Parents phone numbers (just incase i'm at school) : 087 9938821 and 087 6685210
School : St.Louis Convent, Carickmacross, Co.Monaghan.
Class : Rang Caoimhe, 5th year

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Director Statement

This animation has a bigger meaning than you may think. It represents the dull side of life you may be on a happy path but you don't know when something is going to hit you and ruin it. in this animation (spoiler alert) the lily is hit by a football. A mistake that could have been prevented soo easily but the lily would never be able to stop it. The football comes soo fast that you have little time to register what happened and the music can capture your mood. Then at the end we are left with little hope that maybe the butterfly will reseed the lily and then maybe more lilies will grow in it's place.

This animation is 24 frames per second and each frame is individually drawn except for some in the end credits.
i hope you enjoy this as much as i did making it. I'm really passionate about animation and this would be an amazing experience for me. Unfortunately i only found out about the competition last monday 30th of january so i had to rush the thing for friday, my aunty had to lend me her computer to get it done. Then on thursday night i found out the deadline had been changed and i was soo relieved but i couldn't fix up the animation since i just had a free trial and had to give the laptop back.