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Through the lens of Shaw we get a unique perspective on the magical but messy world of Labor and Delivery (L&D). We open every episode with a flashback of a character’s birth setting the theme for that episode. In short, the circumstances around which babies enter this world, give us a deeper insight into the human condition in a sometimes comedic and sometimes tragic way.

Usually an extremely heteronormative place where boys are boys with blue hats and girls are girls with pinks hats, a queer but closeted Shaw, newly hired at the prestigious St. Peter’s Hospital west of the 405 Freeway, finds it easier to clock in and clock out without the bullshit and micro aggressions she would face if everyone on the unit knew she was queer on top of being black. Shaw’s daily life forms the backbone of this dramedy. We get to peer into both her personal and professional life with episodes taking place both inside and outside of the hospital. We tune in to watch her struggle to keep these worlds apart due to her own lack of comfort if they were to meet. Second to the L&D Unit, Shaw’s house is a major place of action as is the vibrant City of Angels.

As Piper Chapman gave us a fresh peek inside prison and Nurse Jackie gave us a tour around the mishaps of the ER, so goes Shaw as she swipes us into the L&D Unit known for it’s feast or famine flow of pregnant women walking through their doors. Once on the unit we meet the band of witty, smart, and often privileged misfits that make up the diverse and dynamic L&D staff. Nurses and patients alike, mostly women, from all walks of life come face to face with life changing moments.

  • Shylo Shaner
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    Television Script
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    United States
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  • Black Screenplays Matter

    Semi-Finalist for Best Feature
Writer - Shylo Shaner