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Absolutely American

"Absolutely American"
An Asian American struggles with an embarrassing secret, while discovering his own ancestors history in America, resolve discrimination with non-violence, falls in love with a girl of another race.
It is a Comedy Action Feature Film.
A Chinese-American discovering his own ancestors' American history begins a
relationship with a nurse, but his shyness and her jealous ex-boyfriend keep
complicating things, resolves discrimination with non-violence and falls in love with
a girl of another race.
PETER (late 30's), a Chinese-American man, has troubles finding love due to his
tendency to wet himself around women. His friend, GEORGE (late 30's), tries to
help, but he actually does more harm than good since he tends to set Peter up
with two girls at once. Peter's grandfather, TAI BHAI (87), tries to set Peter up
with his nurse, NANCY (early 30's). Though Peter and Nancy like each other,
Peter is too shy to make a move.
Grandfather Tai Bhai passes away while he is masturbating. Mortified, Peter's
family decides to hide this, saying he died of a heart attack instead. However, this
sparks a debate between the male members of the family. Peter's uncle, JAMES
(early 50's), claims everyone masturbates, while Peter's father, DAVID (58), insists
he never does.
Peter and George go to Nancy's birthday party. Her ex, ALEX (30's), tries to kick
them out. A fight ensues; Nancy breaks it up and kicks everyone one except for
Peter. She cleans up his wounds and asks why he doesn't fight; Peter says he
doesn't believe in violence. Alex goes to Peter's Tai Chi class and tells him to stop
seeing Nancy. Peter asks his friend, EDDIE, who is a cop, to intervene when
Alex's hoodlum friend, TONY, threatens Peter. Alex, however, refuses to back down.
While cleaning out Grandfather's room, Nancy gives Peter some sort of map with
Chinese characters on it and asks if she can accompany him to wherever the map
leads. Peter says his family has translated the Chinese words and wants to turn it
into a family trip, but Nancy convinces him to go with just her.
Peter tries to convince his family to let him go alone, even using their love for
gambling to trick them. While they are watching a belly dance, Peter pays the
dancer to drop her veil and tells his family that if the dancer makes a mistake,
they will have to let him go alone. However, Alex pays the dancer even more so
she doesn't do what Peter asks.
Eventually, Peter simply sneaks off. Peter and Nancy arrive at the spot on the
map - a place in the desert - and find an old windmill. Alex interrupts them and
forces Nancy to leave with him. A Native American, WALKING HORSE (late 50's), shows up.
Peter and Nancy try to trick Alex into thinking Walking Horse is more powerful than he is.
Alex is almost fooled, but he then attacks Peter with a rock, knocking him out.
Nancy has to promise Alex she won't see Peter again after this trip, to protect Peter
from Alex. Alex leaves, but still vows to teach Peter a lesson.
That night, as they camp in the desert, Peter reveals his secret to Nancy - when
he was little, his mother used to make him go to the bathroom every few hours to
keep him from wetting the bed, so now, whenever he faces a domineering woman,
he would wet himself. Nancy is sympathetic and tries to help him overcome it.
The next day, Peter and Nancy dig around the old windmill and find a tin full of
letters. Peter brings them home to his family. They turn out to be love letters
between Peter's great-great-grandfather and his wife. They were separated when
he left for San Francisco shortly after their wedding and only reunited 30 years later.
Nancy breaks up with Peter. Peter is crushed. Alex and Tony attack Peter and George,
but Peter and George use their Tai Chi technique to fight back, scaring the hoodlums away.
Peter and Nancy are reunited.

  • Peter Chen
    Soft Might, Who's Actually Accepting?, Who's Crazy?, Who's vulnerable?, Saving Face a True Doc., White Tiger Yellow Tiger, Doolittle Raiders Revisited, ...etc.
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  • Already won 7 script Awards, for this Action Comedy Feature Film: "Absolutely American."

    Official Selection award, & an Honorable Mention. Original Screenplay Award, and a Second Place Award for Comedy and a Certificate of Excellence, A total of 5 script awards so far, from film festivals.
Writer Biography - Peter Chen

with 30 years of experience, have won 4 Awards from short film festivals "Soft Might," "White Tiger Yellow Tiger," & "Enter the Paper Tiger."
Director/Writer of web series called "Gramedy", with 8 episodes on
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Action Comedy Feature Film Script "Absolutely American" Already won 4 script awards.
Check web-site:
As a filmmaker/Director have won 1st place, 2 years in a row 2000/2001 in Film Festival for a short called "Saving Face a true DOC" which took 15 years to make.
Here's the link:
Another Documentary also won Awards from film festivals called "Doolittle Raiders Revisited" now available on youtube. Here's the link:
Produced/Directed 25 Cable TV Comedy variety Shows called "Moon View," with one 3 cameras Sitcom on Public Access Charter Cable.
Wrote/Directed 12 sample shorts from his romantic comedy feature film script "Absolutely American" which won 4 script awards.
Also, continue to work diligently both in front and behind the camera.

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After 28 years of working at Standup.
Won best Documentary 2000 & 2001. It's about a Standup Comedian Peter Chen, it took 15 years to make,
called "Saving Face a True Documentary" :=>
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