In Search of Life

In Search of Life, global warming played a nasty role causing two brothers all alone with the world gone under several meters beneath the new deposits of silt and sand. The human civilization was wiped, leaving behind a 5-year-old boy with his elder brother and constantly walking and crossing the states towards the southern part of the country in search of life. They wanted to live and had the spirits despite of walking tirelessly for two years that one day they will surely reach a place where some life might exist, but with the growing age of the younger brother, things were getting worse as he starts blaming the previous generation for degrading the nature of this scale and height that the punishments had to be borne on the kids of the future. They used to walk for weeks and then take refuge for a few days. On the way they come across an amazing giant monument where they decide to take refuge but on a land where nothing remained and has risen meters above is simply not their ally. Their last generation went against the nature and now its time when their spirits are being tested. Existence of god or the will power of a 5 year old against the mighty planet of earth. Things went pretty rough and they paid our share of penalty of destroying the mother earth.

  • Upamanyu Naskar
  • Upamanyu Naskar
  • Anuj Kalia
  • Sahib Sharma
    Key Cast
  • Aadi Jain
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    1 hour 55 minutes 24 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    December 31, 2016
  • Production Budget:
    72,000 USD
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Director Biography - Upamanyu Naskar

It was the summer of 99 when the Indian Film Industry saw a film like never before and a revolution in the film industry was about to happen. With the release of "KHAMOSHI" a lot of things changed when it came to me. The ability to paint what's inside your head is the best feeling a man can have and a movie was mere a canvas for it. A dream is fragmented and is never real, so as the films. The rather definition of the film was a device of teleporting the viewer to your world and showing him what you want to show them and thus a hefty footprints were marked about my future. . In 2007, when I was in 10th Standard and few things had already molted a shape with in. To become a film director it was necessary to step out of home and seek for possibilities but the biggest hurdle in front was the film industry was approximately 1900 Kms away and relatively much more than expensive than any other place in the country. Going Mumbai was itself a very big thing for the common citizens of India and here at a age of 16 where a typical Bengali family parents do not let their kids to even cross the sector of their residing was thinking to elope for Mumbai and he did. Without letting know anyone around, Upamanyu left home and started his journey to Mumbai which was supposed to take around 2 days to reach and there he had just Rs. 450 in his pocket. He was brutally confident on his script and thus came prepared that he will return only after directing a film. Pretty foolish but a bold step and there he spent around 3 days without food but with water as his supper for the meals and could survive the starvation within. In 2009 finally he bought a cyber shot camera, 5.1 Mega Pixel with 128MB memory stick, which was the highest at the time. He started shooting a story of his own in his hometown. The shooting would be done only on Sundays as the actors and the crew he took along was not actors but wannabees. They had different jobs and services for the whole week and thus on Sundays they would gather around to shoot the remaining portions. It took him 14 months to train and shoot the entire 2Hrs and 15Mins film (56 working Days) and stood up along the movie THE BROKEN TRESTLE. Later he came to know about the copyright infringements and he deliberately used all the background scores from Hollywood films and thus could not screen anywhere or in any part of the world. Though some local newspapers published him as his work had a private screening and technically the film was disaster and more over the acting was also not up to the mark but every one loved the story and hence they overlooked the problems. This was a big lesson for him and he himself used to say that working on films is itself a school for him where the life is his teacher and time his experience. He worked with some local directors to understand the technical aspects of the film. A lot of studies regarding the same but lack of guidance took much more time than a usual one and there he started working on big project along the rigorous homework which would make the entire crew and technicians to understand what he wants to say and how things will be proceeded. After 6 years he landed a project worth this expense and hence ended up making "IN SEARCH OF LIFE"

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Director Statement

There was a time when the inheritance were the dynasties, a name to carry forward which got replaced by wealth for today's time. We always end up saying all the hard work we are doing is for our kids. We pass on the next generation with utmost comfort and smile through and some extravagant materialistic matter of alpha, which might be exhaustible, but with a profit on its back. Think of the place where the would would be heading with one generation plannings. Things are alarming, and may be we are the last generation who could act on it.... Yet callous to act.