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Karate and the Olympics: Who Will Represent Canada in 2020?

This documentary highlights the difficulties experienced in creating champions in Ontario. As the parent of a well-known champion stated: ‘Today, a child’s whole athletic career depends on the pockets of the athlete’s parents – whether they can pay, or not’.
Today, money talks so loud that a person’s paying capacity can now replace talent, dedication, and perseverance. Every day we’re seeing athletes faced with hardships and problems created by stringent rules, under-funding, and a complete lack of understanding from ‘higher-ups’ in the fast paced world of Karate in Ontario. With Karate becoming part of the Olympics, this situation must be changed! Coaches today are facing real challenges – the challenges involved in raisings athletes to such an elite standard that they’re qualified to bring glory to our country in 2020.
Karate in Ontario has a unique historical background. It also has exceptional athletes and amazing coaches, but it doesn’t have enough competitions, enough judges, enough referees, and it has almost no funding for athletes and coaches!
Today, Karate faces a real challenge, and that is: How do we make the transition from an amateur sport to a professionally organized industry with the appropriate environment for raising true champions?

  • Maria Morgunova
  • Maria Fletcher
  • Maria Morgunova
  • Kevin Krocker in Japan
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    1 hour 15 minutes
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    September 30, 2016
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Director Biography - Maria Morgunova

Maria Morgunova personally directed this documentary feature. Maria is the Director of INVISION PRO - a media company in Toronto, Ontario. Maria’s background includes more than 10 years’ experience in journalism and the film and video industry as a videographer, journalist, film editor, producer of short stories, and the director of TV talk shows. Maria holds an MA of Arts, and has created successful stories and programs for the corporate world, broadcast television, and PR companies.

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Director Statement

First and the unique study about karate in North America. Today, this film is the only available research in this field. Previously, no statistics had been obtained on karate-related events in North America any data recorded on seminars, camps, and tournaments offered by karate clubs, nor any statistical or demographic information relating to karate students and coaches involved in various clubs throughout North America. The documentary seeks to demonstrate the urgency and need for an official study on karate throughout North America. Indeed, the future development of karate as a whole is dependent upon official, in-depth statistical research.