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In this video I reflection on how we interact with other species and how they may interpret our actions.Yes, this is humour and to some very funny, however for other species their interaction may be very serious and be seen by them as aspects their survival . We need always to be respectful and considerate of other species no matter how funny their behavior may seem .

This is the story by storm the cat’s reflection on life with bushie john. As she reflects her experiences with ki-ki her fellow cat in the household. She tells of the huge storm just before dawn with lighting and thunder erupting right into the beard wonder bed room. Funny to us but may not be to the cat .


  • john alcock
  • john alcock
  • john alcock
  • john ,storm and kiakia
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    6 minutes 53 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 16, 2016
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    20 AUD
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    digital 35mm
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Director Biography - john alcock

I came into the world in the small wheat-growing town of Walpeup in the Mallee, Victoria. Which are the little desert and the sunset country both known for their wildflowers Where I grow up with a deep bond with the Australian bush, through my father's love of the same. I grow to have a strong connection with the biorhythms of nature. My father had a great a love of photography which I learn from him, learning at an early age to record events, places and objects by photographs. Later as I was able to pay for my own cameras I discovered S l R's and it enabled me to enter a whole new world of creative photography to tell the stories.

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Director Statement

I have always been interested creativity as long as I can remember. Self-expression as a mean to help other and therefore my self-has always had great meaning for me. I almost always like to think creatively outside the box

We look beyond the humor to the meaning and ideas expressed through the humor. Some of these stories are based on fact from things that happen to and around me.

They all have elements of my philosophical principles written into them and hopefully, they will remind me of my obligations to all living things on this planet in space that we call earth.

Much of our suffering is caused by our indifference to other and, therefore, ourselves. our suffering can be relieved by acceptance of ourselves as we are. Then we can accept other live creature as they are and relieve their suffering.