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Catch The Spirit of Laughter

A documentary on faith based comedy featuring clean comedians and Christian comedians who would like to talk about how the spirit of God has changed their life and/or the lives of others through their gift

  • Rosie Rogers
  • Rosie Rogers
  • Rosie Rogers
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  • Runtime:
    30 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    March 31, 2017
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
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Director Biography - Rosie Rogers

Speaker, Author, Script Writer, Comedienne, Director, Producer, Manager, Actor CEO, Rosie Rogers Enterprises
Executive Producer, TWO5m Production Company
From a Black History Show performance while stationed at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Rosie evolved into a stand-up comedienne known as the lovable character ‘Gracious Granny’. This new found home on the stage and audience appreciation catapulted her into a theatrical journey that has grown from accomplished actor to award winning writer, director, producer, speaker and coach. She has produced and directed both her own original pieces and other artist’s works for more than twenty-five years. Her Producer’s experience ranges from full length productions at large theaters such as The Historical Lincoln Theater in Washington DC, to variety shows in church pulpits, to one act productions in the corner of a room. Rosie is grateful to God for the way He uses her life and is most honored to be a blessing to others with her talent. For almost 30 years she has entertained, enlightened and edified audiences of all ages with powerful productions through musicals, comedies, skits, sketches, plays, videos, concerts and stand-up comedy. She has appeared with such renowned artists as Vicky Winans, John P. Kee, Rev. Timothy Wright, Jonathan Slocomb, Broderick Rice, Doug E. Doug and others. As well, she has appeared on “Amateur Night At The Apollo”.

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Director Statement

Catch the Spirit of Laughter

Solemn reverence and irrational irreverence
Respect restraint and high-handed hilarity
Stoic silence and rip-roaring antics

These hardly seem like fitting combinations, but somehow Christian comedians seem to pull faith and entertainment together in grand style. Daring to perpetuate a histroically secular industry characterized by profanity, overt sexuality and a disregard for anything sacred -- today’s Christian comedian work hard to reclaim the lost laughter of church-going community without violating its conscious. Often times working without a financial net, they could arguably be some of the bravest people on Earth because of the ridicule they receive from both sides of the fence. Perhaps they do it for the hope of fame, some would say it’s because they can’t make it in secular clubs. Decide for yourself -- step inside the world of Christian Comedy where these mavericks dare to fly in the face of religiosity, shirl the constraints of worldly tradition and sacrifice themselves at the alter of judgement from both the secular and the sanctified, just to make our lives a little funnier.