Can you make a short film scary in 90 Seconds or less?

The 90 Second Horror Challenge is a FREE TO SUBMIT online horror event. It is aimed to get filmmakers making short, original horror content directly for the challenge.

The films are judged by Dark Side Magazine editor and chief Allan Bryce, as well as online horror influencer and filmmaker Craig Fisher. We are currently in talks with other judges too so please watch this space.

There is also a voting option on the night for viewers to participate in, the winning film from this poll will win our "Peoples Choice Award" laurel.

The winning film selected by our panel of horror judges will be awarded our physical "90 Second Horror Challenge" 2020 trophy as well as a winning laurel.

Honorable Mention Laurels will also be awarded!

Good luck and happy filmmaking!

WINNING HORROR SHORT - Award and Laurel (One awarded)

PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD - Laurel (One awarded)

HONORABLE MENTION - Laurels (More than one awarded)

Other prizes may also be available.


1) Your short film must be 90 seconds or less in total length. (Including any credits at both ends).

2) Your short film must be in the HORROR genre.

3) You must own all the rights (if any) to your short films (music, footage etc.)

4) The short film you are submitting must be your work. You cannot submit someone else's film.

Overall Rating
  • Shuan Yu Lin

    Thanks for the PRIZE!
    Thanks for the festival!
    I'm from Taiwan!

    December 2018
  • It was the first festival I attended: the organization was quick and very available in communications. I recommend it

    December 2017
  • Wasn't able to attend but good communication following my submission. Look forward to the festival returning

    December 2017
  • Mark Benmore

    A fantastic short film festival! Would definitely recommend!

    December 2017