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What is a shark thinking, laying still on the seabed, waiting for his prey? One person knows.
A young man, after plunging into a hypnotic sleep, is telling of his previous life. He is one of many people subjected to regressive hypnosis by an aging Professor. From these experiments emerge interesting testimonials about contact with extra-terrestrial entities, and even interstellar travels in strange spacecraft that visited Earth. There are others who, as this young person, remember previous lives in non-human form. The movie starts with these testimonials.....

  • Roy (Rosario) Geraci
  • Roy (Rosario) Geraci
  • Roy (Rosario) Geraci
  • Randall Paul
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Writer Biography - Roy (Rosario) Geraci

in 2000 I had just moved to Rome, one day I visited Cinecittà and that day did the casting for the American film GANGS OF NEW YORK, seeking people who looked like Irish and here so that a voice called me by force, "hey you! !! You can do? I said I can not drive jeeps, motorcycles, scooters, I ski, I ride horses and I know fighting. So they took as a junior stuntman in the movie. The following year I was me who was carrying people to work at Cinecittà and the year even after working for a film production in Rome and with them I made about 20 films and learned the production craft. In 2005 I made my first film as production manager in Puglia who was also a guest at Venice.
But the passion of writing came upon me and I began to write in an effort to make my first film as a director. Time passed, I opened my own production and began to produce and direct television broadcasts on local networks Lazio. Then I continued so until this year when with my latest script INTERFERENCES I closed in Albania a co-production and soon I will shoot this film.

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