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When the wild, care free, drug and alcohol abusing lifestyle of twenty something year old Quinn takes an abrupt hit forcing him to truly reconsider his ways and forcing an immediate lifestyle change, we see a second chance given to a character we learn to love and forgive with an emotionally powerful, surprise ending.

Our main character Quinn lives his life without a care in the world, and understandably so, being the charming, good looking, womanizing, seemingly successful individual he is. He is the bad guy you love - the man, deep down who is good, yet chooses to live a life filled with debauched behaviors. We see Quinn’s mindset and total lifestyle take a hit after a night of intoxicating drug and alcohol use mixed with an incident outside of a bar. Little did Quinn know, his life would take an unexpected turn immediately afterwards. Quinn, forced to make lifestyle changes he never thought necessary, is seen struggling through everyday life in ways so many young adults do these days. Through Quinn’s journey to a new and restored life we see a message of many things including addiction recovery and the change from bad to good. The journey Quinn leads on his path to reclamation is one the viewers will not see coming, as a unique twist at the end exposes a powerful revelation of life and death and taking advantage of the second chances we are given.

(Spoiler alert) Quinn was killed that night (of the incident) due to his behaviors cutting his life short of what was expected for him. The next year (final act of script) of Quinn’s life is actually that of an, “In between”, or “Purgatory”, state that Quinn believes to be his real life (as will the readers and viewers). Can Quinn conquer his past demons in this new, judgmental time he is given?

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