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The OES Crew

The irresistible force of four young men meets the immovable object that is the hood's desire.

In pre-dystopian Los Angeles, the second wave of The American Drug War commences after an operation sweeps top level drug dealers off the streets. Now street gangs function without leadership resulting in the new dawn of the wild west. Dot and his crew navigate the chaos battling their own morality hoping to survive what has become their new reality.

  • Travis A. Del Valle
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    Dark Comedy, Drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Travis A. Del Valle

Born and raised New York City native, I've explored many narratives that have taken me on endless journeys. I document those experiences in semi-fictitious stories and novellas. As a student of film and digital media, I've satisfied my passion with rewarding experiences shared with an amazing team of creatives. Documenting stories of aspiring musicians, second generation Americans, and ex-military personnel fighting charges brought by a court-martial have given me a chance to use my eyes, ears, and hands in ways I'd never thought I would. My experience has given me the chance to see the parallels between real life and what's on the silver screen. With that gift, I'm here to blend your sense of reality.

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