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A lonely husband makes a fateful mistake during a business trip when sharing a drink with a seemingly friendly stranger.

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    Short Script
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    Suspense, Drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, now calling West Virginia home, John is an avid writer and cinephile. He has been recognized for his screenwriting skills having one several national awards and is currently pursuing a Master In Fine Arts Degree at Point Park University.

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Writer Statement

My screenwriting journey started long before I knew movies were actually written. As a toddler, my father would take me to the cinema weekly. I was mesmerized by a donkey that kicks field goals, an underdog boxer who wants to go the distance and, of course, a young mechanic from a galaxy far, far away who defeats an evil empire.

When Showtime became available in our rural town, Dad signed us up. I vividly recall “A Clockwork Orange,” “Animal House,” and the one film that changed my life—“The Deer Hunter”— playing constantly. Did I mention I was only ten years old?

I grew up as part of the first generation that owned a VCR. I could now record, re-watch and study the best of Clint Eastwood, cheap Roger Corman movies and a variety of documentaries. I had no idea this infatuation would lead to so much more.

In college I was an usher at the local duplex simply for the free movies. I worked towards my English degree with no clue as to what the future would hold. I considered making a living in the movie theater business. For over 20 years that is exactly what I did, eventually becoming Vice President of a multi-state circuit...until ownership decided to start shopping for a buyer. Again I had to face the unknown.

One evening I watched David Seidler win the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. He was seventy-four years old. I had just turned forty-one, worked to achieve a degree I never truly utilized and, perhaps most importantly, had a lifelong knowledge of film. I was going to write.

For a full year I researched the craft before writing one single scene. My first feature “Condition of Return,” a psychological horror story that was really a commentary on organized religion, received two positive reads from the Nichols Fellowship. I learned quickly, however, that one script does not a screenwriter make.

While other husbands and fathers were out playing golf or coaching soccer I was writing. With each screenplay I continued to win or place in competitions, even gaining interest from experienced producers. I applied to Point Park University to earn my MFA and have never looked back.

I've been asked several times what makes my writing unique. My scripts incorporate the same underlying theme: things are never what they seem. Why? Perhaps it was experiencing such visceral, realistic films at an early age. I'm not certain, but I can say I don't believe in organized religion, politicians, Santa Claus or Beatles—and I haven't for a very long time.

Cancer ate away at my father. Nearly every organ infected. He told me days before he died he was proud of me because I had the balls to chase my dream. I know my writing will lead me to where I'm meant to go. I'm not implying becoming rich and famous or hanging out with Billy Bob Thornton. I'm referring to doing what I love because I was born to do it.

John Spare