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Wiley Bottom

Three teenage relatives embark on a frightening adventure in to the darkness of the woods at nightfall and are pursued by a mysterious force that haunts and attacks them.

The neon-orange sphere of the sun shines brightly down on to a porch situated in scenic countryside. Three teenage relatives sit together under the rays of the evening sun. Jase smokes a cigarette with his younger brother Kyle and Cousin Jacob. Kyle stubs out his cigarette. Excitedly discusses a trip to Wiley Bottom. The teenage relatives laugh and joke together enjoying the prime of their youth. Jake and Jacob respond positively to Kyle’s daring plan. Decide together to venture on to the trip. The sun sits high in to the sky bathing the relatives in evening light. Their laughter echoes in to the distance.

Sunset. The neon-orange sphere of the sun shines out an orange-red glow of sunset on to a porch. A car pulls up in to the drive way engine blazing as the car arrives. The three boys play a game of football in the vista of the sunset that looms over the horizon. Discuss their trip to Wiley Bottom. Kyle and Jase play a game of rock, paper, scissors. Jase wins. Kyle loses the bet and motions to retrieve the mail. The three boys play with their football while excitedly discussing their trip. Talk about getting drunk together on the trip. The boys think it’s a good plan but are worried about Jase’s Father posing an objection. The boys become excited as they imagine an amazing trip full of alcohol, late nights and girls.

Jase blushes as Jacob talks about bringing Rebecca, Jacob’s girlfriend’s Sister. Jase has a crush on Rebecca. Jase becomes motivated on the notion that Rebecca will be there, dismissing his Father’s potential objection. The lust of teenage love. Kyle returns with the mail. The three boys agree on their excursion. The three boys sit together in their backyard in the guise of the afternoon light of the sun that descends in the distance hued in amber-light. The green grass shivers in the wind. A car begins to arrive along the drive way. The boy’s mother Sarah exits the car. Faces the three boys. Kyle smiles. Hugs his Mother. He clearly loves her with all of his heart. He evades the subject of the conversation with her careful to correctly convey the boy’s cunning plan to visit Wiley Bottom.

Sarah raises no objection and enters the house to prepare dinner. Jacob leaves the group and disappears in to the darkness. The other boys enter the house. Later Jacob casually walks to his house listening to electronic music. A mysterious creature stares at Jacob from a distance. A human-like figure that gazes at Jacob from afar. Jacob becomes a little disturbed at the strange entity. Jacob and the mysterious creature stare at each other. The creature bolts for Jacob. Jacob stumbles backwards a little. Shocked. Terrified. Jacob falls backwards tripping over a rock. Slams against the ground. Jacob rushes back to his Cousin’s house screaming and crying out for help. Later on at the boy’s house Sarah cooks dinner and Jase and Kyle play a game of the video game Madden. Jase trash talks Kyle as they enjoy the game. Jacob arrives startled and alert from his encounter with the creature.

Jacob storms in to the living room. Frantic. Says that something is chasing him. Jase and Kyle console Jacob. Concerned. Sarah intervenes. Shouts at the boys criticizing their use of profanity. Jacob apologies to Sarah a little less frightened than before. He calms down. Kyle becomes angry and Sarah shouts at the boys. Later everyone watches a Fox news report on television. The power suddenly cuts out killing the television’s signal. The room goes completely dark in a blackout. Kyle shines out a beam of neon-white light with his phone. Jase stumbles off to check the power generator. A strange noise halts Jase. We move closer and closer to the door as the strange noise emanates from outside. A shadow-like human figure arrives. It’s Ben, the man of the house and the boy’s Father. Ben shines out a flashlight. Sarah rushes over from her position and affectionately hugs Ben. She loves him. The power suddenly surges back on illuminating the house in a powerful glare of light. Jacob talks to the family about his encounter with the creature. Ben responds as though seeing a flashback holding knowledge on the subject. He holds unexpected knowledge about the encounter. Ben tells Jase to retrieve some guns. Jase reluctantly follows his orders. Ben joins Jase as they motion to the retrieve the weaponry with a mission to return to the creature.

Nightfall. The perfect circular moon rises high in the night sky shining out vivid neon-white light. The wind blows a whispering breeze. Ben dons a shotgun. Jase dons a rifle. The two proceed on their mission in to the pervading darkness of the night. The two talk about the boys’ trip to Wiley Bottom. Ben raises an objection saying the boys could be in danger. The two arrive at their destination, finding nothing. Ben tells Jase a story about how he was attacked in Wiley Bottom. Ben says he was attacked by a mysterious creature out of nowhere, decades ago. Ben shows Jase a scar he received from the attack. Ben makes Jase promise to stay away from Wiley Bottom. Jase agrees, moved by Ben’s story. Ben and Jase return to the family as everyone watches another news report on television.

The news report is about the mysterious creature. Everyone recoils in shock. Stunned at the revelations of the news report. The creature might be real. Everyone gazes at the television in silence. We reach the end of the night. The moon shines high in the night sky emanating a vivid glow. We see the three boys in Ben’s truck in the midst of the darkness of the pervading night. The three boys talk about their potential trip, unsure of whether they should proceed. They agree to go but to take a gun with them. They arrive at Jacob’s house, their destination. Jacob enters his house and the truck shoots off in to the distance, heading for home. Jase expresses excitement about the trip given that his crush Rebecca will be there. Everyone arrives home. The clouds shift and veil the gaze of the circular moon.

Morning The neon-orange sun shines out the light of dawn bathing the family’s living room in morning light. The boys get ready for school. The boys discuss their plan. A bright yellow school bus arrives outside. The boys venture for the door. Later Kyle and Jacob sit in a classroom discussing their plans with their classmates, including their prospective girls. The classmates respond positively. Excited. Jacob indicates some resistance given his encounter with the creature. Tracy, Jacob’s girlfriend in particular poses some resistance given the events of the previous day. The class continues. Jase stands opposite a shed elsewhere preparing for the trip. Rebecca sends Jase an affectionate text message. Jase and Rebecca text each other. Rebecca is romantically interested in Jase. Jase smiles at her affection.

Evening. The sun shines high in the sky emanating an aura of sun set orange-red. Kyle and Jacob return from school, departing the school bus. The boys discuss their devious and cunning plan trying to outsmart their parents who are none the wiser. Later the boy’s friends arrive all suited up for the trip, donning backpacks and headlights. Jase begins to tell the group a ghostly and scary story about Wiley Bottom, regarding his Grandfather and Mr. Wiley who the destination is named after. The story is chilling and outlines an encounter with the mysterious creature from before. The boys’ friends gaze at Jase, lost for words and frightened of the story. Jase finishes his story but the boy’s friends are unfazed and still willing to embark on the trip. Ben approaches the boys asking why their friends are over.

Kyle lies to his Father about their plan to go on the trip. Ben warns them once again. The three boys lie to Ben and indicate they’re not going on the trip. The parents leave. Kyle gets everyone excited about the trip saying they’ll all get drunk. The boys’ friends cheer. Excited. One of the boys’ friends Karina is disturbed by the previous story and says she isn’t going. Tracy shouts at her, insulting her. Jase approaches Rebecca, his crush. Flirts and talks to her affectionately. Rebecca blushes. Everyone apart from the three boys venture to the front door, ready for the trip. The three boys are left behind. The boys become excited about their trip. Follow their friends who just left. Jase goes to grab a gun and retrieves a rifle. All the teens stand in the backyard at nightfall, donning backpacks and headlights.

Everyone is energetic and excited, completely clueless as to what the night has in store for them. Later the group embarks on the trail to Wiley Bottoms on a warm and windy night. The full moon shines high over the horizon. The wind blows a soothing breeze. Kyle posts evidence of the trip on to Facebook. The group raises alarm saying Ben may see it and find out about their trip that they hid from him. Rebecca leans in and kisses Jase on the cheek. She clearly has feelings for him. The group begins to drink beer. Kyle records everyone having fun on his phone. Twenty minutes later Kyle records the event live on Facebook. Shouts in to the phone’s camera. Excited. One of the friends Tommy says he’s strained and wants a break. The entire group agrees. Lane, another of the friends hears a strange sound.

The group becomes startled. Alerted to the strange sound. Jase ignores it and says to everyone to keep moving. The group ventures in to the dark and shrouded spooky night woods. The group pause for the night and set up camp in a secluded spot. Jase says he’s going to start a fire and pulls out a cigarette lighter. Everyone laughs. Jase ventures out to retrieve fire wood. Asks Rebecca if she’ll go with him. Rebecca agrees. Happy. Later everyone is together in the camp site. Darkness surrounds them as the group sits in the midst of bare branches of lonely trees. Kyle is back on Facebook recording their trip. Jase and Rebecca return with more fire wood. Karina says she’s going for a walk, wanting a break and some fresh air. She ventures for the night woods, cast in bare trees and darkness.

Kyle chases after Karina not wanting her to walk off in to the night woods alone. The two disappear in to the darkness. Kyle and Karina walk the trail to Wiley Bottom. Kyle hugs Karina, showing he cares about her. Karina kisses Kyle on the cheek. Kyle runs off to take a leak whilst Karina looks at photographs. She notices a shadowed humanlike figure in the gaze of one of the photographs. The image shocks her. She screams out. The mysterious creature appears out of nowhere, emanating in the darkness and hits Karina over the head. Karina collapses on to the ground. Karina cries out. Calls for Kyle. The mysterious creature drags her in to the darkness. Kyle rushes back, alerted to the sound of Karina screaming.

Kyle cries out for Karina. Doesn’t find her. Notices the shadowed mysterious figure in the photograph. Dashes through the night woods to return to the group. Kyle arrives. Shocked. Stunned. Shows everyone sitting around the campfire the disturbing photograph. The group hears a strange sound that they think is Karina screaming. Tommy says they all to need to leave. Now. He motions to leave the group. Jase says they need to save Karina. Strange screams echo in the darkness. The group become riled up and frightened. Everyone rushes in to the darkness of the night woods in search of Karina. The group navigate through the pervading darkness of the night looking for Karina. The night wind blows an eerie breeze.

The moon glistens and gleams in the night bathing the group in a subtle glow of moonlight. An hour later the group are still searching with no sign of Karina. The group begin to shout at each other, with particular fire from Tommy. Kyle becomes irritated and attacks Tommy. The two tussle and fight in a scuffle on the ground. Jase breaks up the fight. Jase screams out in anger. Rebecca tries to calm him down. The group notice an old shed-like building situated in the darkness and the distance. Agreed to check out the mysterious building. The boys proceed to the building leaving the girls behind. Finding it locked. The boys argue a little as Jase is suddenly jerked in to the shed by a mysterious force. Everyone screams. Tommy and the girls rush off in to the distance. Scared. Jase screams out for his life, his voice echoing through the darkness of the cold night. Kyle cries out. Frightened for his brother. Motions to grab the gun. Jacob and Kyle enter the building. Inside the shed, Kyle searches for Jase discovering him on the ground. Dead. Kyle screams out in fire and anger.

Kyle looms over Jase’s dead body. Jacob tries to console Kyle. Kyle shakes Jase. Bangs on the floor with his hands. Cries out in to the darkness. Hugs Jase’s body. Kyle becomes covered in Jase’s blood. Jacob pleads with Kyle saying that they need to go and get help. Kyle resists, emotional and wiping tears from his face. Kyle agrees and posts a message to Facebook pleading for help. The Facebook chat goes crazy. Kyle’s phone runs out of battery power and dies. Kyle smashes his phone in frustration. The two relatives dash out of the building, holding the rifle. Elsewhere Lane, Tommy and the girls are venturing through the darkness of the woods, bathed in subtle moonlight and enraptured in the pervading darkness. The group pauses for a moment for a water break. A strange noise echoes in the darkness.

The strange noise is revealed to be Kyle and Jacob who rush in out of nowhere returning to the group. The group welcome the two teens, with Tracy hugging and kissing Jacob. Rebecca notices Jase is missing and asks of his whereabouts. Kyle tells Rebecca the truth, that Jase is dead. Rebecca tries not to cry. The group shout at each other, saying that they need to get the hell out of there. At that second the mysterious creature appears out of nowhere ripping through Lane’s body as he’s jerked backwards in to the night. Everyone screams. Panics. Frantic. Tonya rushes out in to the night woods alone. The group fires the gun at the mysterious creature. Lane screams out covered in blood. The group try to help Lane.

The group agree that they need to get out of there. Elsewhere at the same exact moment Ben and Ronnie are drinking in a bar. Flirting with the waitress. Ben and Ronnie order shots. Ben checks his phone. Ben watches the desperate pleading video Kyle posted earlier. Everyone in the bar crowds round the phone. Ben watches in shock learning of Jase’s death. Leaves the bar completely blank and emotionless. Elsewhere Tonya walks alone through the moonlit darkness of the night woods. She cries. Shouts out for help. Tonya stumbles on to a death trap, falling in to sharp blades and is killed instantly. She lies there, taking her last breaths. She dies. Elsewhere the group are still venturing through Wiley Bottoms, lost.

The group consoles Lane, who’s still injured and coughing up blood. The group erupt in to desperate and frightened commotion. At the same second an object swings in out nowhere and strikes Tracy in the head, killing her instantly. Blood spurts everywhere. The sound of an angry scream shouts out. The mysterious creature has returned, having been tracking the group. The group shoots off in to the distance. Rebecca cries over Tracy, her Sister’s death. Kyle fires warning shots from his gun in to the void and darkness. Rebecca keeps crying. Kyle realize they’re low on ammunition with only two bullets left. Rebecca screams at Kyle, blaming him for the deaths. Elsewhere and at the same time Tommy meanders through the darkness of the night woods alone. His flashlight runs low on battery power.

The gaze of the moon shines out neon-white moonlight through the bare branches of the trees, illuminating Tommy in a glow of pale and white light. The wind blows an eerie breeze. Tommy appears to find the exit of Wiley Bottoms. Checks his phone, realizes it has reception and dials 911. At the same exact second Tommy triggers a death trap as a sharp branch swings in out of nowhere and rips Tommy’s head off. Tommy falls to the ground. Blood spurts everywhere. Tommy exhales his final breaths. Tommy dies. The phone sits on the ground as the 911 operative speaks through the other end of the phone. The mysterious creature appears out of nowhere. Drags Tommy’s lifeless body in to the darkness of the night woods. The moon descends in the distance. Tommy’s body is shrouded by darkness.

Elsewhere the rest of the group are still searching for an exit. Argue with each other. Agree to pause for a moment and hide in the darkness. The group hide near a large tree, bathed in the pervading blackness of the night. At that second the mysterious creature makes foreboding footsteps towards the group. The group freeze in fright. The creature stands there for a moment. Drops Tommy’s lifeless and blood covered body on to the ground. Jacob grabs the gun from Kyle. The group say that they’re going to kill the creature. Prepare to charge. Jacob fires a gunshot at the creature. The creature absorbs the gunshot. Unfazed.

Jacob desperately tries to reload the gun. The gun jams. Kyle grabs the gun from Jacob. Gives up. Throws the gun on the ground. Says to everyone to charge at and beat the creature. Rebecca smiles and agrees. Charges at the creature. Kyle and Jacob follow. Everyone charges. Jacob strikes the creature in the head with a tree branch. The creature grabs Kyle. Jacob tries to wrestle Kyle away from the creature’s grip. The creature releases Kyle. The sound of a gunshot. Everyone stops for a moment, stunned at the unknown source of the gunshot. The creature falls to the ground, taking a shot to the head. Kyle kicks the creature’s head. Ben and Ronnie rush in out of nowhere bathed in moonlight and darkness.

Kyle sits down on the ground. Cries. Ben consoles Kyle. Hugs him. Rebecca screams out. Tells everyone the entire group is dead. Ben violently kicks the creature in the head with anger and fire. Shoots another bullet in to the creature’s head. The creature takes its final breaths. The creature appears to die. Ronnie comforts Ben. Everyone ventures out in to the night woods, heading out of the Wiley Bottom. The following morning. The morning sun shines out neon-amber light that bathes families below in light. Everyone is gathered together on the front yard, including the families of the fallen teenagers. Ambulances and police sirens blare. Kyle gives a news report to a news reporter. The news reporter interviews Kyle.

Kyle gives a tearful and emotional interview. Breaks down in front of the camera. The police intervene, shouting at the news reporters and stopping the interview. Kyle hugs his mother and cries. Sarah consoles Kyle and kisses him. A police officer approaches Kyle. Shakes his hand. Pleads for Kyle’s help in locating the body of the creature and bodies of the fallen teens. Kyle agrees to help the police officers. Later Kyle and Jacob lead the police officers armed with rifles across the Wiley Bottom trail, returning to the scene of the attacks. The wind blows a soothing breeze. The neon-orange sun shines over the horizon bathing the group in ambient neon-amber light. The group reach their destination.

Kyle and Jacob indicate that this is where the attacks happened to the police officers. The police express shock and disbelief. Indicate that they need to move to the location of the first attack. Ben tells the police officers the creature has existed for a long time, hunting people down and killing them. The police ask Ben if the creature is dead. Ben says it is. The group keep moving and notice Tommy’s maimed body covered in blood on the ground. A female voice screams out of nowhere. The group thinks its Karina. The police halt. Shout out to everyone to stay back. The group then reach the old shed-like building from earlier.

The female voice screams out again. The police call for backup. Surround the shed-like building like a SWAT team. Secure the perimeter. Search for the missing girl. The police enter the building seeing nothing but blood and broken wood on the ground. The police discover a door to the basement. Pull open the door. The female voice cries out again emanating from the darkness of the basement. The police proceed in to the dark basement. Shine their flashlights in to the darkness revealing a horrifying room of blood covered dead bodies. Humans maimed and headless and covered in blood. The police become frightened. At that second they discover the girl crying for help. It’s Karina and she’s pleading and crying. The officers scream code red in to their radio. Other police officers untie Karina.

Karina cries out in joy having been saved. The officers console Karina telling her everything will be okay. Escort her out of the basement and out of the shed-like building. The police and Karina stand outside in the morning sun. Notice Kyle, Jacob and Ben are missing. At this second Ben rushes in in a panic. Shouts at the officers that the creature is gone from its previous location and is still alive. Tells everyone to get out of there. The police respond, shocked and stunned. At this second the lead police officer is jerked backwards by the creature and pulled violently back in to the shed-like building. The door slams shut behind him. The sound of breaking wood and the lead police officer screaming out for help. Cones of orange flame erupt from the police officer’s rifles as they fire a hailstorm of bullets aimed at the building. The sound of bullets ricocheting off the building as we fade to black.

Final narration: The author reveals Wiley Bottom is based on a true stroy!

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My name is Clifton Willingham. I am an US Army veteran looking to get my ideas noticed and let the world experience my stories! Born in Southaven, MS, 1995. Son of Alicia and Clifton Willingham. 2013 September I join the United States Army, which I served the last 3 and half years. Met my wife the same year. 2014 got married to Mia Willingham and went on to have a son June 2015. I start exploring my writing career towards the end of my enlisted contract and wrote my first horror script "Wiley Bottoms" and finished Feburary 8, 2017.

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