Losing Heart

An uptight medical student struggles to balance work and play, while his comatose sister finds a way to realize her dreams.

  • Gillian McQuade
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    Short Script
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Writer Biography - Gillian McQuade

I've always loved writing, but lacked the confidence to pursue it as a career.

I love all the arts: visual, literary, performance. I'm really not sure why it took me so long to realize film is the ultimate combination of these.

As a newcomer to screenwriting, I don’t have any awards or film credits hidden furtively in my kitchen cupboard. All I have is a keyboard and some ideas, and a hope that one day those ideas will come alive on screen.

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Writer Statement

I used to write short stories. After watching Another Earth, I realized films can offer that same intimacy and honesty, so I began to write screenplays instead.

Independent films are so important in a world where commercialism rules, and I hope my work offers something visually and mentally stimulating, as well as entertaining.