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Rol: Science and spirituality

An independent documentary about Gustavo Adolfo Rol, made with the technique of Recycled Cinema (almost all audiovisual contributions are found online and reused in an original installation).

Rol is one of the most famous "psychics" of the '900, a reference point for those involved in mystery and spirituality. The documentary, however, does not concern (like many other works in the past) all the anecdotal that grew on him in recent decades, but the points of contact between Rol's original thought (studied directly on his letters and diaries) and contemporary findings of quantum physics. In 20 minutes we try to intrigue the audience on this issue: the way of science and the way of the spirit can be two sides of the same coin?

The documentary is divided into three main parts, dedicated to the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics and is punctuated by excerpts from Rol diaries illustrated with scenes from some movies with Joseph Cotten, actor of the past that we have "chosen" to play in a certain sense the role of Gustavo Rol.

  • Lorenzo Corvi, Pietro Izzo, Marco Mion
  • Lorenzo Corvi, Eva Filoramo
  • Pietro Izzo
  • Marco Mion
  • Eugenio Gradabosco
    Key Cast
  • Orlando Ferraris
    Key Cast
  • Carla Perotti
    Key Cast
  • Eva Filoramo
    Key Cast
  • Lorenzo Fatibene
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Rol: La scienza e lo spirito
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    22 minutes 34 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    December 10, 2016
  • Production Budget:
    0 EUR
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  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Lorenzo Corvi, Pietro Izzo, Marco Mion

Bamboo Productions was founded 16 years ago according to the dream of three people. It produces documentaries and short features. It is not a company, but a group of enthusiasts who seek to distill the best of movies they love, highlighting and exploiting the typical "lack of appropriate means" in their short films.

Marco Mion is director and editor, the most affected of the three to the technical side of filmmaking. In "real life" he deals with video production and post-production. He loves Gilliam, Lynch and Kubrick.

Lorenzo Corvi is director, DP and screenwriter. When he remembers that, he is dealing with IT customer service. He loves Truffaut, Loach and Tarantino.

Pietro Izzo is producer and screenwriter. He deals particularly with pre-production and promotion. In his free time he is working as a Web Project Manager. He loves Carpenter, Scorsese and Wilder.

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