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Revenge is Sweet

Andy Bauman is a likable sports broadcasting editor with aspirations to be a writer. While his co-workers like him, Calvin Shepherd, his boss, does not. The office bully, Shepherd picks on the seemingly meek and timid young man, not realizing that Andy has a deep, dark secret that he and he alone knows --- he is a heartless, cold blooded, serial killer. Even better for Andy, his method of murder changes from victim to victim, leaving the authorities with no connections to the crimes except for one that they have not been able to figure out. Andy knew all the victims. He is a revenge murderer.

The breaking point for Andy occurs at the funeral reception for a colleague. Calvin forces Andy to work in the late editor’s stead until a replacement can be found, forcing Andy to cancel his plans. In spite of the protests of Andy’s colleagues, Calvin gives him the ultimatum, don’t show up, don’t come back. Andy begins plotting.

Andy lives in the rural home of his late grandfather, who willed it to him. In the woods with no neighbors, Andy thrives in the bowels of the old homestead, retreating to the old nuclear bomb shelter his Grampa built below the home back in the 1950s. It is here where Andy is a true artist. He has perfected the art of disguise and can go in public unrecognized. His love of forensics television shows have taught him to be the perfect criminal. It is here where he plans to keep Calvin captive.

In disguise, Andy captures Calvin and keeps him chained to a cot in the basement. A battle of wits takes place. Andy, meek and humble above the surface, is cruel, cold and heartless. It is within this battle that Calvin, who does not take Andy seriously, learns that Andy, bullied since childhood, has been killing his enemies since his teen years, and is still after them.

Up top and in public, Calvin’s disappearance is dismissed as someone who wandered off, looking for help with a flat tire. In his place, Andy’s co-worker gets him the writing job that he seeks, and thrives at. But also, his work does not stop with Calvin. He has more work to do, another victim to take. When it happens, his new boss starts making the connection. Did Calvin disappear, or is Andy behind it? Can he prove it? Does the evidence stack up against Andy, or is he the perfect killer?

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    Psychological, Thriller, Drama
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    United States
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I do my best to write original material as opposed to "in the vein of" material. I write with a message in mind.