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Bobby Champion

NOTE: This is a ten episode mini-series based on my screenplay.

In 1980, 18 year old Bobby Tyson is a perennial high school state wrestling champion with collegiate aspirations. When he learns Jennifer, his girlfriend, is pregnant, he foregoes his wrestling scholarship to support his family. Against the wishes of everyone around him, he takes up an offer to become a pro wrestler.

Bobby works hard at his craft and develops into an excellent worker. Coupled with his "look", it is only a matter of time before he gets his big break, but the offers aren't coming, until the demo tape of another wrestler appears on the desk of a promoter for a major wrestling organization, who sees Bobby performing on the tape. They see Bobby as the future of an organization that plans to go from a regional promotion to nationwide. Bobby is their franchise player.

Bobby experiences the benefits and rewards of the fame and fortune he has earned, but also experiences the pitfalls that go hand in hand with fame and fortune.

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    Television Script
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    drama, sports, prowrestling, coming of age
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    United States
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Writer Biography

I am a former editor, videographer, writer and producer for ESPN & Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia. My 2 part series on the movie "Slap Shot" appears on the German BluRay release of that movie in the bonus features section of the DVD.

I am a former professional wrestler, a lifelong weightlifter who enjoys baseball and ice hockey.

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Writer Statement

I do my best to write original material as opposed to "in the vein of" material. I write with a message in mind.