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My Second Chance

Frankie Marinelli is an enterprising teenage boy in 1980s Philadelphia suburbia. Already with a thriving lawn care service, his intentions are to expand the business by attending horticulture school. Those plans are dashed when his friend robs a liquor store and kills the owner, who kills his friend. Frankie is unaware of what is happening in the store, but is still charged with a crime and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Released 20 plus years later, Frank Marinelli returns to a town that doesn't want him. His parents are long deceased and his younger brother placed in the care of relatives in North Carolina. He wishes to locate his brother but his money only takes him as far as Raleigh, where he ends up in a homeless shelter but manages to snag a job in lawn care for an elderly man. Ashamed of his past, Frank changes his name and with the help of his cell mate, acquires fake ID.

Frank's skills in lawn care begin to pay dividends for his new boss, but he has a difficult time shedding his prison habits. It causes friction in the community. Despite that, he and his boss's daughter fall in love, to the dismay of her ex-husband, an over the top local police officer who is determined to expose the stranger in his hometown.

Frank struggles to keep his past a secret, while at the same time is determined to make his new life work as he seeks to find his long lost brother.

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    Drama, Prison, Romance
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    United States
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Writer Biography

I am a former editor, videographer, writer and producer for ESPN & Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia. My 2 part series on the movie "Slap Shot" appears on the German BluRay release of that movie in the bonus features section of the DVD.

I am a former professional wrestler, a lifelong weightlifter who enjoys baseball and ice hockey.

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I do my best to write original material as opposed to "in the vein of" material. I write with a message in mind.