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When Vikings invade the village of Cadeby a small band of desperately unprepared people must defend it or lose everything.

A cross between Zulu, The Magnificent Seven, Assault on Prescinct Thirteen and Braveheart, set in the Post Roman British Dark Ages at the times of early Viking incursions along the coast.

A love story, an adventure story and a war film rolled into one. The tension builds throughout the piece as the Vikings close in on Cadeby, a real fifth century village populated mainly by the elderly and the infirm. They must defend the village from the Vikings to stop them from travelling south and wiping out all of the villages along the coast.

One man, Faelan, with the help of an unlikely and unprepared band of heroes stands in the way of the invaders. Can he persuade the villagers to defend themselves or will they just become another slaughtered village?

This works as a series of short films, a mini series, a full length series or a movie - this being the movie version.A story of tragedy, loss, love and what people will do when the odds are stacked against them.

  • David Keogh
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    Historical Action Drama, Romance, war film, Battles, Love, Vikings, Swords, drama
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    United Kingdom
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  • Student Project:
  • The Monthly Film Festival

    Winner, Best Screenplay
  • The Christian Film Festival

    Winner, Best Screenplay
  • The Christian Film Festival

    Winner, Best Writer
  • Bucharest Shortcut Film Fest

    Winner, Best Screenplay
  • Global Grit Film Festival

    Winner, Best Screenplay
  • New York Metropolitan Screenplay Competition

    Winner, Best Screenplay
  • Feel The Reel International Film Festival, 2017

    3rd Place, Best Screenplay
  • North American Film Awards, 2017

    Bronze Award, Best Screenplay
  • Pinnacle Film Awards, 2017

    Platinum Award, Best Screenplay
Writer Biography - David Keogh

An award winning screenwriter and actor, David has been published a number of times - he recently helped write the film Destination Dewsbury, wrote two episodes of the very highly rated audio drama series, Endurance and has had a number of short stories published.

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I love bringing characters to life - there is no greater feeling than when a character writes their own dialogue for you - as a writer, thats when you know something amazing is happening.