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A provocative true-life tale of the relationship between a desperate, slightly over-the-hill actress, Lolly, and her beloved, cardiac arrested, encephalopathy challenged father Daddy, who has returned from a lengthy hiatus in Canada -- ostensibly to visit for a week. Lolly picks Daddy up at the airport. The carousal goes ‘round and ‘round spitting out more of his belongings to Lolly’s astonishment when he announces he has come to stay. Due to Daddy’s dementia and exacerbating disorientation, Lolly must chaperon him surrepticiously to her sordid subsistence as a dance hostess in the squalid bowels of downtown Los Angeles - not unlike Taxi Dancing Clubhouses from the thirties -- only this is an expedition to perdition and beyond. The subplot revolves around Lolly’s daily grind (in more ways than one) as a dance hostess and the underworld of dance hostesses eliciting sex and its ramifications, how its influence on people exposes their innermost insecurities, the length some women will go to in an endeavor to survive; not just out of lust; and the extent many more men will venture to reinforce their craving to be “wanted” -- not just “needed.” Sexuality -- embodied in a web of cultural markers in this story -- implies status, wealth, self- assurance, and chic against the banal backdrop of one’s everyday existence.

  • Laurene Landon
    Cellular (I scribed the narrative synopsis)
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Writer Biography - Laurene Landon

Laurene Landon was hatched in Toronto, Canada and has been active as a feature film actress for over 25 years, including ALL THE MARBLES which she starred opposite Peter Falk, I, THE JURY, starring opposite Armand Assante, AIRPLANE2, MANIAC COP 1 and 2, HUNDRA (A female Conan) and twenty other films. She scribed the narrative synopsis to the feature film CELLULAR and has written JAILHOUSE DOG - a film which takes place in a prison environment where a bunch of surreptitious inmates are forced to take care of unwanted dogs which would otherwise be predisposed to euthanasia. The dogs rehabilitate the cons. Pets are proof that speaking isn't compulsory.

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I love to write screenplays when I am not working as a feature film actress and strive to accentuate/underscore a positive thematic echo in my work.