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NEEDLE'S EYE- fashion beyond shape

Needle's Eye is a story describing fashion woes faced by women all over the world; expected to follow societal norms to conform to a certain body type, shape and structure, in order to be considered beautiful or fashionable.

Fashion designers in design school are taught to draw the ‘perfect figure,’ that looks slim and tall. They design for models who rule the ramp walks, typically 6 footers, with as little body mass as possible.

These models have to maintain their bodies to perfect measurements, as stated by agencies that hire them. Any other person DOES NOT FIT IN! Hoardings that advertise big designer or retail clothing brands or fashion accessories show only these stick thin models, generally with a fair complexion and long straight hair.
Fashion cannot and must not be dictated by the natural body type that one is born with. Fashion essentially is the art of dressing aesthetically, taking into consideration one’s unique personality and more importantly body structure. Different lines and silhouettes suit different body types.
In different parts of the world and within numerous cultures, there are different body types that are considered ‘fashionable.’ Through the ages the fashion rules have changed and been dictated by the ‘fashionable few.’ A few examples would be the hour glass 36-26-36, size zero, the supermodel figure, etc.

Different cultures have different perceptions of perfect. Nobody is and can ever be perfect. Nobody can and ever will be exactly the same as the other. Each and every person has a unique physical appearance and mental capacity.
Taking all of the above into account, how can fashion be portrayed only on a certain body type? This creates an immense amount of pressure on women to adhere to ‘fashion rules.’ Day in and out we hear women complain that they are not – thin enough, tall enough, round enough. Many women are known to go into depression, becoming victims of anorexia, following rigorous methods of dieting or unnatural procedures like plastic surgery and popping pills.

Clothing and fashion is required by everybody, regardless of shape, size or colour. It is a commodity that we need and use in our everyday lives. Clothing is what is closest to our skin. Every single person should feel like they are fashionable and that clothing is designed for them.

Fashion has always looked through the needle’s eye figuratively, claiming just a handful to belong to fashion. On the other hand, a needle is an instrument that is required to make all garments. It is something that cannot really be replaced in the clothing industry.

Through this project titled “Needle’s Eye,” we wish to portray fashion that looks beyond shape. We hope to instill in people, worldwide, a positive attitude about body types and an acceptance of everybody, regardless. Fashion should belong to every person!

  • STUDIO 080
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    9 minutes 49 seconds
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    November 1, 2016
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    2,950 USD
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Director Biography - NANDITH JAISIMHA

Nandith Jaisimha, Age 30.
Photographer, Cinematographer & Film maker.
Born and raised in Bangalore, India.
Keeping up with the tradition in my family I had to join St. Josephs College ( Pre - University and Degree) I feel blessed that I was a part of that institution. I did my arts and majored in History, Economics, Political science & Sociology.
During my degree at St .Joseph's College of Arts and Science, the film bug bit me. I've always liked films, however films that had a huge impact on me was films like 'In This World ‘ by Michael Winterbottom and Paruthiveeran a Tamil film by Director Ameer sulthan, blew me away. I have been highly influenced by Oliver Stone and he has inspired me to become a film maker. This is when I decided to join a film school and
I moved to Chennai in 2008 and enrolled for a Diploma in Cinematography & Direction at Mindscreen film Institute and did my under the guidance of Mr. Rajiv Menon. I absolutely loved what I did! I wanted to stay back in Chennai or move to a bigger city like Mumbai. But my parents were not too happy with it. Therefore I came back to Bangalore and went for a couple of southern film shoots and I realized that it was a completely different ball game, it didn't seem very appealing then, however I knew that one day I will make a film, even if it was going to be watched by only one person. I put my movie-making dream on hold and focused on my 1st love Photography.
I Came back to Bangalore and assisted a ace photo artist
Mr. Shibu Arakkal he took me under his wings and nurtured me with his creative guidance and blessed me with his mentorship. I worked under him for 3 years, and in those 3 years I learned alot and not only about Photography. He taught me about patience, discipline and punctuality. That mentorship has now grown into a strong friendship.
It's been 9 years in this profession. When I started to freelance, it was a struggle. But slowly things started to fall into place and in 2016 I set up a production house by the name ‘Studio 080’ in Bangalore. With a team of like minded creative souls waiting to seize the moment. Let it be scripting, directing, photography, production, cinematography or concept to we do it all and we love what we do.
I have worked on short films, ad films, promo films and documentaries.
My studio is filled with good music, great vibes, and will always continue to be so.

Nandith Jaisimha

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Director Statement

In 2016, I chanced the opportunity to produce and direct a short documentary film titled ‘ Needles eye, Fashion beyond shape’. This documentary film was based on fashion, women, and body types. We took a very realistic approach in making this film. Therefore we hand picked women from 18-year-old college student to a 45-year-old homemaker with and documented their perspective of what are a perfect body type and their take on fashion.
This documentary got a lot of media attention for it’s bold take on the so-called fashion world and the stigma attached with it. This documentary also throws light on there is nothing like a perfect body type and its only been falsely created by the fashion world.

My main goal is to make more meaningful realistic films in the near future and I am working towards it.

Nandith Jaisimha