Ten - The Tragedy of Modern War

With the war in Afghanistan escalating and the death toll mounting. Reporter Cassie Read's assignment is to get in, get the story and get out. On arrival she realizes this time it may not be so simple. Unwelcome and surrounded by hostile forces. This will be no ordinary interview. As she reaches into the mind of CSM Knox, to discover the reality of a tour to many. With devastating consequences.

  • Craig Wyting
  • Craig Wyting
  • Simon Marsh
  • Craig Wyting
  • Simon Marsh
  • Paul Johnson
  • Colin Burt Vidler
    Key Cast
  • Claire Walmsley
    Key Cast
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    War, Military
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 59 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    January 31, 2016
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    0 GBP
  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
  • Country of Filming:
    United Kingdom
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Director Biography - Craig Wyting

Ten is the creation of writer and director Craig Wyting, an ex British serviceman of 22yrs and a sufferer of PTSD which was diagnosed shortly after his tour of Bosnia in 1995. Having left the service in 2005 he settled into a security job which ended in 2009 after a reshuffle of work placements during the recession.

Whilst looking for work he became very aware that those soldiers returning from the Afghanistan conflicts were struggling to cope, the horrors of war and being expected just to return to England and carry on was an ideology by the powers that be, that captured the hearts of the country and which demanded big changes to the welfare of our servicemen and women of our armed forces , but progress was very slow initially and as more and more servicemen and women returned home so did the horrors of th conflict and what effect it was having both mentally and physically on all those involved, including friends and family.

Having now seen and heard enough, losing his job and his family home Craig with no filming or directing experience decided he was going to make a feature film highlighting the hidden unspoken concerns that serviceman and women often keep to themselves, real concerns that often contribute to the make up of PTSD, which continues to effect the lives of many thousands of serving and ex serviceman and women of our armed forces today, and will continue to do so in those conflicts still to be fought.

Soldiers ware more than just a uniform and kit on their back, the burdens and responsibility of service to a queen and country bare a terrible price for many and it is the story lines that have been placed within the film that Craig created his film around.

Inexperienced and having no funding he used social media to attract interest, which came from many hundreds of individuals, cast and crew of various experience and levels within the realms of film and theater, all wanting to support the armed forces through this production. With no funding the film took three years to make, having to wait on the availability of those wishing to take part, twice the production nearly closed down due to unforeseen obstacles that zero budget films often produce.

However assistance in the form of Simon Marsh and Paul Johnson the co producers and who now with Craig form the 2BlokesFilms concept, made significant inputs both visually and technically to get the production completed, even though they also had no film production experience themselves. It was dedication and team work that allowed Craig to see his vision of the production become a reality.

2BlokesFilms its cast and crew of this production, dedicate this British war drama to all those British servicemen and women of our armed forces, for their service and courage that secures our own well-being.

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