= Coast Film Festival 2020 = Theme: "Jana Jenga Kesho" (Yesterday builds Tomorrow)

Held for the first time in September 2011, the Coast Film Festival was founded by a handful of filmmakers (now structure under the Coast Filmmakers’ Association) and Alliance Française de Mombasa, to provide a forum where the filmmakers of the Kenya’s Coastal counties can showcase their films. Since its inception, the festival has grown leaps and bounds with over 220 screenings (Short Feature, feature and Documentary Films) watched by a cumulative audience of about 15500. It’s worth noting that the films screened have over time included both local (coast region) national and international films. This makes CFF one of the oldest on-going festival in Kenya with international content. Given that the mandate of the festival is to nurture filmmakers, our training programme combine workshops, peer-peer training, has been crucial in ensuring that there is a constant stream of films coming from local filmmakers. This policy has been instrumental in producing film makers who have contributed content to both local and international market. Some have even gone all the way to win International Film awards as was the case with David Anguka, whose film Zilizala won the 2017 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award for best film in indigenous language. These achievements have set a firm foundation for CFF to become an important player in the showcasing of the cinematographic arts.

After 2 years of absence, we accomplished CFF’s rebirth & propel it into its next level enabling a convergence of imaginative thinkers from across the swahili area to share their stories (“story kikwetu” was the Theme 2019), whilst also learning from East African Coast & indian ocean islands narratives. CFF imposed itself as a hub of cultural exchange for the professionnalisation of filmmaking on the east-african Coast.The 7th edition attracted a total of 66 films from as far as Nigeria, Gabon, Cameroun, Uganda and Tanzania. Kenya & Uganda made up 85% of the submitted movies. Out of the 48 submissions from Kenya, only 17 came from the coastal counties with the rest coming from Nairobi. Short Features and Feature Films Category got the highest submission (15 each) followed by Student films and Animations films - 16 & 12 (respectively. The animation films submission is very encouraging given that the CFF had put a special emphasis on this category. Only 7 documentaries (10.4%) were submitted. Films having been programmed both in Nyali (AF) and Town Centre (Swahili Pot), the participation rate for the whole festival was 550 persons, including 90 participants to the 3-days-workshop at swahili pot, 200 guests for the opening night, 50 viewers for the 2nd day screening and 200 guests for the closing ceremony at Alliance Française de Mombasa.

For its 8th edition the festival will host an extensive programme of work across film, performance, exhibitions, music and various cultural pop-up events. It will also provide training workshops in animation consolidating its singular identity of independent Festival influencing all the swahili-speaking East Africa Coast, including indian Ocean Islands. The festival will take place 10-11 & 12 september 2020 and mushroom in the whole city from Town Center (Swahili Pot, Little & Theather Club) to Nyali (Cinemax & Alliance Française)
The opening of the festival will take place on Alliance Française’s Terrace and the closing at Nyali Cinemax in a glamorous red-carpet atmosphere with key filmmakers and industry professionals in attendance. The opening show will be high-profile pictures from our selection, marking the launch of the 3-days festivities. The closing event will be a celebration of the festival and enable us to present various awards for films shown within competition during the programme. Both events will be followed by concerts & performances in Alliance Française Nyali.

Young, gifted & swahili (YGS)
# To find a second wind and force the pace, the key motto of the festival remains ‘Young, gifted & swahili’. Thus, we will give carte blanche to youth through a special focus on student films, music video, schools partnerships and creation of a special “animated movies” category. Including La Réunion Island in our criteria of eligibility is the occasion for CFF to highlight the animation movie category and therefore act as a catalyst to the development the skills of animation films-maker in this area.
# Screenings and media literacy training, will be held in the 6 pilot-schools of Mombasa during “la semaine de la francophonie 2020” from 9th to 14th of march, developing a community of active youth in film. These children and youth will be given the platform to act as ambassadors within their community, learning the tools to create and show films telling their own vision of the futur.
# Swahnimation workshops: We want to go on building knowledge and capacity for Mombasa youth to create their own films and feel that CFF is the perfect platform for achieving this. We will be running again Animated movies-making workshops teaching local young Mombasa filmmakers skills in script-writing, storytelling and technics of animation. During the course participants are mentored by some instructors from famous Kenyan schools of animation such as ADMI & french school Rubika in Valenciennes. We would like to use funding from CANON & France24 to purchase filmmaking equipment and develop and editing suite, to ensure that CFF can offer the facilities to run these workshops.

Performance, exhibitions, music and various cultural pop-up events related to the Festival’s Theme & positioning (focus on animation) will be conducted during the whole festival, among which:
- Swahili Fashion show
- Hip-Hop & Cinema
- Jazz impro as a live OST for a mute movie
- Chakula kwa kufikiri (Food for Thought in swahili): Explore the tastes of typical Swahili meals during a outdoor screening at AF
- Artisanat Market & auction
- Old Town Tour
- Film Maker masterclasses

• Best Picture
• Best Director
• Best Actor Leading Role (female/male) / voice interpretation
• Best Actor in supporting Role (female/male)
• Best costume design & make up
• Best Cinematography
• Best Screenplay
• Best Original Music Score
• Best Visual effect

-Feature Films (subject to sponsoring): a professional camera (value 1300€ to 2000€)
- Animation movies: a subtitling service in french provided by AF Mombasa= (10,000 words) with a value of 1200€ in order to facilitate the exportation of this movies on the french-speaking market.
- Student Schools Films [up to 10min] & Short feature films: KFCB classification fees refund (up to 200€)
- 11 traditional swahili statuettes for the 11 awards: 200€

Criteria of eligibility:
- Candidates shall come from the Swahili-speaking area, or from The Indian ocean Islands (including Comoros archipelago, Mayotte & La Reunion) and/or have shot their film in the same designated zone.
- Films that don’t respond to these criteria shall be allocated to a special category (out of competition).
- All submitted films, if in any other language other than Kiswahili and English shall include subtitles in Kiswahili or English.
- Only Films produced between June 2019 and June 2020 shall be accepted.
- CFF shall be entitled to screen any of the submitted movies for a period of 1 year following the festival and not for commercial purpose.

Overall Rating
  • Sally Muiruri

    This is a great platform for upcoming filmmakers. Please improve on timely communication.

    October 2019