8 Gifts Of The World

The title 8 gifts reflect the 8th part of the film – their titles are priceless elements of our reality that should be noticed. It's Aqua, Aer, Terra, Silva, Universus, Animalia, Homo, Cibus. In each episode we will hear the statements of scientists, enthusiasts nature, people for whom the fate of our planet is not indifferent, who in the bosom of nature feels best, so they defend it. In pictorial and present the dangers caused by human activity in an accessible way, ill-considered decisions that characterize a short-sighted view of the world. Between the documentary statements there is a fictional story, the mysterious hero of the "guardian of nature - the Sage", who wakes up after several hundred years because there was a need to save nature.

  • Jacek Chodkieiwcz
  • Jacek Chodkiewicz
  • MUSfilms
  • Kazimierz Gomułka
    Key Cast
    "Guardian of nature - the Sage"
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 7 minutes 27 seconds
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  • Language:
    English, Polish
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Director Biography - Jacek Chodkieiwcz

2013 - direction and post-production of the etude "Pro morte" (produced by the Warsaw Film School)
2015 - direction and post-production of the etude "Fly alone" (produced by the Warsaw Film School)
2015 - 2023 - art director (film production as part of the artistic activity of MUSfilms)
2017-2019 - originator and director of the 3rd edition of the "notofest" Film Festival in Suwałki
2020/2021 - screenplay, director, producer of the short film "Czarek"
- finalist - VI Lower Silesian Film Festival
- official selection short film - RNAB Festival in Sao Paulo Brazil
- winner 'Final Shortlist' Award - Malhaar Film Festival
2021 - directing the trailer of the documentary feature film "8 Gifts Of The World"
2022 - sound direction and post-production for the full-length feature film "Wonderful Life"
2022/23 - screenplay for the short film "The longest day of the year"
2022/23 - screenplay for the short film "Honor your neighbor"
2023 - idea, screenplay, direction and producer of 8 documentaries and feature films of a pro-ecological nature 8 Gifts Of The World

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Director Statement

8 Gifts of the World is an extremely important and valuable message, realizing that each of us can make a great and necessary change in our habits, behaviors, thinking about nature, about the future of our planet. "Each of us is a drop", but the combination of our actions, each of us, gives a measurable effect and can mean a lot. Each of the 8 parts is characterized by contrast, on the one hand we show horrific pictures of how the planet has been degraded over the years in terms of the environment, how aggressively man contributed to the depletion of the resources of this world. On the other hand, we present the beauty of nature, the cultural good of the land - Poland. Our main character finds a priceless book, thanks to it he creates and protects the valuable values of the natural environment. On his way, in the least expected moment, he meets an opponent with whom he must take up the fight for nature.