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A Hip Hop singer completes the final song on his new CD only to discover that the woman of his dreams, his fiancee plans to marry his best friend in the morning. Broke and without a car he attempts to hitchhike 400 miles from Los Angeles to San Jose to stop the wedding and reclaim the love of his life. His manager catching wind of whats going on seizes the opportunity to promote the new CD by coercing a popular statewide radio disc jockey to play the new CD while asking people if they see the singer to pick him up and give him a ride. What ensues is hilarious as he tries to make his way to San Jose in time to keep his fiance.

  • Glenn Towery
    Starfunk and the Astral Pioneers
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    United States
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Graduate of Columbia College Hollywood Bachelors in Cinema, Class Valedictorian, 1997. Actor, Director, Screenplay Writer and Play Writer. Favorite Play "Dark of The Moon"

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I almost forgot how much I love writing until my friend and mentor passed away on December 10, 2016. Then it all came flooding back so I decided to complete two of four screenplays that I had [partially completed but not worked on again since I created the "Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel". Running that channel takes a lot of my effort during the day but at least now I can write , something I love to do, in my spare time.