Shane's Place

This is a true life father/son murder/suicide story that I own the life rights to. This is a basic outline of the events before and after my 10 yr old son Shane was murdered by his own father. There are many details and events that I am leaving out for now and can tell you about in detail if you decide your interested. It starts with me getting a restraining order granted against my ex after several years of mental and physical abuse. The local city police and county sheriff having to serve him and remove him from my home. After a long drawn out 2 yr court battle an official Dissolution of Domestic Partnership and Child Custody judgement was filed by a judge. One condition the judge had placed on the child visitation arrangement was that my ex had to take an anger management class file proof of its completion with the court. The judge also stated that if he did not do this then I could ask for his visitation with our son to be taken away. Several years went by with only minor events and problems related to my ex. Then my ex started having legal issues including tax and insurance fraud and my boyfriend moved in with my kids and I. My ex's violent and controlling behavior started escalating again. So I obtained another restraining order against him. While doing this I discovered that m ex had never filed proof of completing his anger management class, and in fact he was kicked out of it! So along with the safety protection order I asked that his visitation with our son be stopped until he finished an anger management class. And so another child custody/visitation battle began. After many court room appearances in front of 2 different judges the child visitation order was modified several times. I have a lot more details about the two judges and how their different behavior and actions affected the events. But basically Judge Steven Reed granted me my restraining order but denied my request to suspend my ex's visitation with my son. Then Judge Jennifer Grant modified my restraining order to include our son and changed my ex's visitation with my son to supervised visits only. Well the county that I lived in did not provide a place to have supervised visits by a trained professional even when a safety protection order was in place. So the only option was that the visitations be supervised by and take place in the home of the friend or family member that I chose. Well everyone that I knew was afraid of my ex and did not want him in their home. But all of that really didn't matter because Judge Steven Reed didn't like his decision being changed so again he granted my ex unsupervised visitation every other weekend. So the next Friday I had to let my ex take my son for the weekend or be in contempt of court and face jail time!! That weekend my ex took our son camping in his conversion van. Saturday night he started the van's engine and ran a hose from the exhaust into a window intentionally killing himself and my 10 yr old son!!!! Of course there were a lot of things and events that followed this horrific tragedy. An important one was the founding an opening of "Shane's Place". Named after my son Shane, Shane's Place would provide a safe place with trained workers for non-custodial parents to have supervised visits with their kids when court ordered. Sadly Shane's Place eventually had to close because of lack of funding. Well that is my story.

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