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Fears of an Insane Family

Meet Harry, Bobby and Tess Padavano... a quirky father, an insane son and a tough feminist daughter who all get dumped in the same week. All three family members carry emotional baggage stemming from the death of their beloved wife/mother and have spent their lives self-medicating their issues with booze, bad relationships and denial. This all changes when the family is forced to come together and battle their fears thanks to a quick visit with Tess’ psychiatrist friend, the illustrious midget Dr. Stein. He demands that they all write their three greatest fears on paper and conquer them together. Rock bottom never seemed low until this crew picks themselves up by the britches and fight their way to happiness, as a family reunited in crisis.

  • D.J. Higgins
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4 master's degrees
World Traveler
Director, writer, Italian/Spanish Professor.

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I write to spite ... those that don't want me to take flight.
I take my kite, to a new height until we see new light... so bright... we can't tell if it's day or night. - DJH