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Where We Stand

A son is left conflicted after finding out about the side of his mother that she was desperately trying to keep from him. But after she passes away, finding answers prove even more difficult as he ends up wrestling with everyone around him- including his father.

KANE CARTER is a 22-year-old who has always seen his mother KATE as a positive influence in his life. However, all of that comes into question upon the revelation of Kate’s past and her intentions of trying to put a distance between herself and her son. And in the midst of this family crisis, LOYD finds himself in a rather precarious position as he has difficulty juggling between his obligations as a father and that of a husband. “Where We Stand” takes us back and forth through time showing us the quandary that surrounds each member of the Carter family, and how the people around help empathize to try and make sense of the decisions that an individual makes.

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    Student, Screenplay, Short Script, Stage Play
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