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Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves

Ali Baba is an 8-episode reality game show created by Geno Bautista and features contestants who will search for the treasure chest located in a landmark, a historic place, a place of significance, or a well-known venue. The contestants will be provided with clues and search tools like google earth, pdf books, newspaper and magazine articles, 3-D city model, etc to lead them to the treasure’s location. They will partner with Phelippe who will be their foot-soldier. On one hand the contestants will guide Phelippe with precise instructions through the streets of the City where the treasure is located. On the other hand The 40 Thieves-also in contest for the prize-will obstruct, divert and misdirect Phelippe by putting up obstacles and use delay tactics. Phelippe will attempt to find the treasure before the allotted time of 90 minutes expires. The 40 Thieves’ leader will be their chieftain, Kassim. Kassim will simultaneously watch the contestants and The Thieves’ actions from the studio (command post). The Thieves will put up roadblocks, imposture policemen, crossing guards, nuns, etc. The area streets near the treasure’s location will have distractions like street fair, parade, fire trucks, construction crews and other ways of delaying Philippe's timely find of the treasure. If Philippe can’t get to the treasure on time then The 40 Thieves win the prize.
This show is one of a kind in bringing drama, thriller, adventure and intellect into one. Philipp’s performance will enhance the show’s appeal. Eight cities will host an episode.

  • Genci Bauta
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Writer Biography - Genci Bauta

Geno Bautista is the creator of Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves. Geno has some knowledge and experience in creating TV shows. He has taken TV Production classes at New York University taught by a CBS producer of 48 Hours, a news magazine. Also as part of preparing for this project he studied reality show books like Dr. Caudle’s: The Reality of Reality TV, various literature and extensive research. Geno Bautista holds a masters degree in management from NYU and a bachelor’s degree with Latin honors.

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Writer Statement

This project is inspired by La Chasse aux Trésors, created by Jacques Antoine, a 1980's French TV game show.In addition game shows like Amazing Race and The Hero come close to what Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves bring into the reality TV stage. However Ali Baba’s appeal to the viewers will have the same effect that Jeopardy has had for more than three decades: viewer engagement. For instance, the first episode will capture the attention of New Yorkers and Edgar Allen Poe’s enthusiasts in addition to those who seek adventure, thrill, curiosity, and much more.