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Beware of castes


Beware of Castes, is a sincere attempt, to bring to light the indiscrimination, that has been prevailing since ages in a diversified country, that is striving to become a power economy. The man made caste system, has such an evil impact in the minds of the so called superior humans, that they are completely drained of humanity. And when they see the minorities faring well in life, they are unable to accept them as equal and also fear that they might preceed them in the long run. And with vengence, the superior caste Jats, use the dog bark as a reason for their outrage and destroy the Dalit's belongings and means of livelihood, to put them back to poverty again. This documentary gives a detailed insight of the incident that took place in 2010. The victims who lost their houses, have not yet been given justice. The government has not given importance to this case and have not provided any relief nor rehabilitation to the victims for the past 7 years. They are living as refugees in their own state. Is'nt it the government's responsibilty to treat everyone as equal and provide justice to its citizens? This is the question asked by the affected victims. But their cries go in vain, as it is falling onto deaf ears.

  • Jayakumar
  • Jayakumar
  • Ranjith
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    37 minutes 45 seconds
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    October 15, 2016
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    50,000 USD
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Director - Jayakumar
Director Statement

As a film makers, I believe we have a responsibility towards our society. The purpose of this documentary is to make people aware of the situation that is faced by the minority in a devoloping country like India. The victims need to get justice! If this documentary helps serve this purpose, then every bit of pain and effort that went into making this documentary will be worth it. Hoping that atleast now, this documentary will reach to kind hearted souls, who would initiate to provide a helping hand to the suffering souls.