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Mountain Man And His Women psychic Visions Powers

Many centuries ago myth creatures and a wizard got trap under the ground. In present time; A mountain man free myth creatures that watch and protect him and find other humans to give his or her powers to train and defeat in a wizard duel. Moutain man is cruel to his woman who has physic powers to warn him about future accidents of serious one is yet to come will put her life at risk. Mountain man Vernon did not realize what he had with his women Veronica. Can Vernon and Veronica be able to help save the world from the evil wizard in time? There is something special about Vernon that he never knew who his real birth parents were.

  • Author Irene Jane Holmes
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    Screenplay, Short Script, Stage Play, Television Script
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    Sci-fi, fantasy, paronomal, mythical, multi, drama
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Author Irene Jane Holmes

Author Irene Jane Holmes Bio;
I was born in Bountiful Utah and raised in Boardman Oregon, most my life to grow up as a child. She graduated from High School in Chehalis, WA and I currently live in Olympia, WA. I graduated from SNHU Jan 2019. My BA degree Creative Arts; Creative writing, English; Specialized in Screenwriting. I write adventure stories for children to adults for all ages and give ideas to help everyone grow and learn in his or her daily life. I feel the character’s experiences as they learn along the way through adventure stories and my audience can learn, as they read through stories, watch movies, watch TV shows, and other of writing like poems, and songs.
I have two written scripts "The Mountain Man and His Women's Physic Vision Powrs" WON 3 awards in Spring , and Fall of 2017, May 2018. I got a reader film trailer in March 2018. Multie-genre adventure, fantasy, sci-fi , drama. Learn more @ My 2nd script "Mom's Christmas Surprise" ihas been accepted in the film festivals 2019.

I published my first book ABC 123 Color Animal Kid; Journey Through the Forest (Phonics Fiction Book) as of August 31, 2015. I hope to help children to adults of all ages with various of learning education like phonics, problem-solving, decrease fear by facing it and many other learning strategies along the way. I write more Fiction Adventures for children to an adult of all ages. I am working on other children adventures for all ages to help the children in their education like ABC, 123 Color Animal Kid is phonics with animals and a boy character who helps other children learn his or her educational skills was published @ Book Ventures Publishers.
She writes fiction fantasy - paranormal - comedy short stories for adults that are written in script format. She writes fiction fantasy adventures and the paranormal fantasy, and some Sci-Fie and paranormal western fantasy for all ages. In many adventures, that come your way can help you with your problem solving like in the Boys Adventure Through the West was published @ Author House Publishers. The Explore Boys help each other through Ghost town and ranches and address problems, as they increase their courage to decrease their fear.
Little Boy’s Adventures at the Beach is my third book published May 2019 with Author Centrix. The Boy's and their parents enjoy a fun time at the beach while hunting for treasure and learn about sharing and safety issues with animals, objects and more.
My genre is Fiction adventure for children to adults in children phonics, fantasy short stories, short fantasy novels. For young kids to adult fantasy, sci-fi of the Paronormal and have two genres I write; mostly fantasy Sci-Fi genre that has more interest, my readers. I like to write children stories in adventure fun learning and teaching phonics that increases fun learning that enhances smiles of joy through reading and listening. I use Book Ventures for my children phonics adventure book that work out okay. For my second published book I used Author House for the western fantasy sci-fi short novel genre. Inspire fun imagination; increases courage on any adventune. Life is one Big Adventure!

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Increase fun entertainment will enhance an Imagination on any adventure. Multi-genre romance, fantasy, and sci-fi with myth creatures, and a wizard with magic. My script The Mountain Man And His Woman Physic Vision Powers can teach my audience to learn to be open up to others opinions and listen to your heart, soul and more for warning that could save another person life or your own.