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We are always up for a challenging photo.
This is made possible not only by our fashion designers, hair dressers, photographers and models, but also by creating special filters and backgrounds.

The Secret Garden
A staircase is created from the flowers in the background and the train of a dress can be up to 20 metres long. The background flowers are a mixture of dried and fresh flowers, and the boundaries between the two are blurred.

Is it a person who appears to be a woman with flowers growing out of her head, or is it a plaster figure? The strings over her eyes look as if they are about to collapse and move.
This work is a fusion of man and flower. The work looks like a new creature or a figurine.

A woman dressed up for a fight. The fluffy costume expresses femininity, but the expression on her face is like that of Hannya, capturing the strength and glamour of a woman.

Flicker of light
Both works were created using black light and colour filters. The aim was to create a challenging photographic lighting effect.
A strong woman reminiscent of a tiger or a leopard. She has the eyes of a hunter looking for her prey.

Inspired by the Japanese culture of Kanji and Kimono. The balloons are made up in Japanese kabuki make-up.
A mix of tradition with a modern feel.

A monotone man and a woman are covered with three primary colours of paint and move freely to create a mixed result.

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These photos are all new and not pasted from previous awards.

Please let us know if you need any of your award-winning work.

  • Tetsuro Takai
  • Rei Ogishima
  • Keisuke Shimizu
  • Takumaru Issiki
  • Keita Ustumi
    Hair designer
  • Rini Ferbi
    Make up artist
  • Minami Hanafusa
    Make up artist
  • Takako Ikeda
    Make up artist
  • Kaori Mitsuki Tsuda
    fashion designer
  • Takako Abe
  • Alessandra Lupi
  • Vanesa
  • Kimberley
  • Anri Okane
  • Kent Ostuki
  • Clea
  • Yuriko Tiger
  • suguru kusanagi
    Flower designer
  • Date Taken:
    August 10, 2020
  • Country of Origin:
  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

Led by hair designer Keita Utsumi and fashion designer Kaori Tsuda, the group will launch in Tokyo in 2019.
Their activities range from event planning and management to photography, video, fashion, hair and more.

In 2020, they will be among the best 20 hairdressers at the international hairdressing competition (alternativehair) in London.

In 2022, she will participate in the Los Angeles Fashion Week.

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Artist Statement

We are not bound by national borders, race or gender, but rather by the fusion of many things and the challenge of new expressions.

From 2021, we will be supporting the SDGs and collaborating with institutions for the disabled to further expand our activities.