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Mobile phone, TV, well, perhaps the payment card "Zebra". Here is a list of what is needed in order to pleasantly and profitably, to spend an evening with your family, whether you, even though, in which a village. And if you're lucky, and be among the invitees to the main game in the studio. After all, only on the main game has a chance to win: an apartment, a car, a variety of household appliances and a lot of money. Unless of course you are lucky, or if you have a good intuition, or maybe both, together.


My project - this is the format of entertainment program on national television, in which everyone, a resident of the country would be able to test themselves on intuition and become an active participant in the show, even if it is at the moment, tending the sheep. In which, there would be a chance to become popular and richer.

Anyone can become a participant who has made a pledge to the account portal "ZEBRA", with a special payment card "Zebra" or on the web portal. Just as the mobile phone unit is loaded, the participant is registered in the database of the bank the project and input Information in its register. Participant receives greeting money through his foundation at the moment, the conditions of test games and phone number hotline.

Rules of the game are simple. Participants are invited to a specified time (one minute) to guess which side will get less SMS from all participants in the game.

In addition, do the same. Send an SMS to a black or white side.

In case of delay, the selection does not count. The game is played on TV live.

For a major player, the fact that in the studio, there are additional conditions to create an entertainment format.


The studio equipment needs to be special, namely;

1. Monitor or monitors - connected to the main program and display as needed:

A) Signs of the Zodiac.

B) The logo, trademark, slides advertiser.

C) Black and white field with the results issued by the program. The numbers indicate the number of participants made their choice on one side via SMS.

D) Timer.

E) The photo of participants by category lucky, unlucky with the consent of the participants in a special section of the Account (see online version), congratulations and wishes, etc.

2. Black and white table for the player.

3. Lototron balls with two colors - white and black.

4. "Suspended" numbered stars (seven pieces). Each of them contains an envelope with "? »


The tone for the game, creating a major player on the main game in the studio. The main player selected program from one of the fortunate and one of the unlucky player from the past games (see Software, six). In some cases, it may be well-known politicians, artists, businessmen.

After each ad showman bet amount assigned to the advertiser against the player, the main player, becoming a symbol of the show - Zebra, on one side is black - white table. In a major player, as well as all registered participants body one minute to determine the choice of side.

Showman announces the timer is enabled.

When the timer expires, the program reveals a black white board with figures showing the number of participants to choose sides, and indicates the winning side. (See the software first).

Three consecutive predicted signs of the zodiac (rates), entitle the major players, choose one of the seven stars, "the sky."


1) "2+" card multiplies the entire current win by two.

2) "Bankrupt". Card, in which the completely current prize is canceled.

3) "Task". The player must perform the task show any mercy of the zodiac sign (gain), which indicates the show. Tasks can be anything, depending on the moral and ethical susceptibilities audience, which put the project; to sing, to dance, to milk a goat, undress, and etc.

4) "The Prize." Player, without any trade awarded prizes.

5) Plus Size rate.

6) Minus the amount.

7) "Golden Key". Card, in which the player is given a chance to win big.

Member finder star "Golden Key" becomes for lototron, with numbered black and white balls. Each pair has a number of balls and two different prizes in different directories. Participant must guess the color of the ball that falls out of the lotto. With a little luck, he takes the prize of the first directory in which prizes are distinguished by their prestige.

(Terms and conditions may be amended and supplemented)

The first sleeve consists of the interest rate, which on the "SHOW THE CHARTER OF ZEBRA" can not afford the project.

We can assume that 50% of 100% of the players put on the black, and the remaining 50%, put on white. "Plus - minus" 10%, with each bet. The first sleeve - it is permissible percentage of the difference of the total transaction between losers and winners. That is, the percentage is in this "plus or minus". (See Software. Second)

The second sleeve in which the fund will flow accumulation, is out of the money provided by the advertiser to rate the players.

On the basis of the contract between the show "Zebra" and an advertiser, the advertiser show provides a place for a banner at a certain sign of the zodiac, as well as the presentation of a product or promotion firm advertisers who make oral showman during the selection of the zodiac sign of a major player and the input of the game.

Advertiser in turn, provides the cash equivalent of this zodiac sign.

If a major player, not guessing the winning side, the amount of money supplied by the advertiser, the players are transferred to the fund show "Zebra". So what happens when a player of the seven stars, the star reveals "bankrupt", "negative" rate, as well as a mercy for the failed task.

This may also be attributed, and the agreement of the contract drawn up between the show and the operator - (s) links.


Software, which is responsible for the whole process works each time on the same principle. There are two versions of the program. Simple and cyclical. I just described below. In cyclic variant has a jackpot. The program accumulates difference to every third cycle and gives her one (or more?) Unfortunate participants in the form of the jackpot on every third cycle.

1.2.3. + 1.2.3. + 1.2.3. + 1.2.3. = 12 signs of the zodiac.

First; it reveals the winning side and puts a fixed or non-fixed amount bet you can not guess from Guess. The winning party is the one on which it was made smaller applications. That is, if 100% of the 49% predict black, and 51% predict white, the program makes the black side winning. The same happens if the 1% set on a white and 99% for black, the program makes a winning side, white.

Second; it lowers the interest rate is permissible to fund the show "Zebra". Let's say 100% of the participants, 49% put to one side, no matter for what, the second 51% predict another, the program transfers the amount fixed or a floating rate of 49% of the 51% do not have guessed, to 49% of the participants to guess and win. Balance - 2% is distributed and divided between the Foundation show "Zebra" and contenders for the joker.

Interest rates should determine and prescribe the lawyers in the "Rules show Zebra".

If we assume that the interest rate is 1%, then the rate of 50,000 players, with an average rate of 20 units, we get 10,000 units. The interest rate may be greater or less than 1%.

It may say on issues such competent people. This is the first sleeve on which the money will flow into the fund.

Third; calculates the number of applicants for "Luck." The remaining amount is divided by the sum of rates and two divides the resulting number. That is, if 1% of the 50 000 participants is 500 and the sum rate of 20 units, the amount of the balance equal to 10 000 units. This amount should be divided by the amount bet that is by 20 and divide by 2. It turns out that 250 people from among the losers do not guess and participants receive 20 units of a joker "Luck." That is remain at their.

Fourth; takes away from the numbers do not guess - losers participants in random order, applicants for "Luck."

Fifth; lists the amount bet, with a selected number of participants with the message «Luck."

Sixth action is performed at the end of two cycles, twenty-four rates. (2 players on the 12 signs of the zodiac cycle 24 = 2 rates).

Only after the game finished both members of the main game, the program selects from all participants one of the luckiest and one of the most unlucky for the whole game and automatically invites them to the next game in the studio. Providing all necessary contacts.

Charter of the show - a topic that should be made legal. This project document shall contain all the rules and regulations of the project associated with the win and treaties. It can display, charitable intentions of the policy of the channel involved project.

(In the fund will constantly drain a lot of money. And in my opinion, in the charter of the show is to present the point at which stipulates wherever the excess of the funds. That is, the amount that passes a certain abroad, up to the amount that can be called as equity. This will on the one hand, to serve advertising act.

Directions, express yourself plenty). In any case, the Charter of the show, should be based on the laws of the country in which you start the project.


This is a pair of mischievous, young guys do not give to miss anyone. In stock, they should have tricky questions and good jokes. Sometimes one must climb to the players in the studio and to interview them.

After the main player is determined by the sign of the Zodiac, one of the entertainers begins to make a presentation of a product or company, advertiser who "made a bet" with the show Zebra against the player.
All winnings will be converted to the internet portal "Zebra" and cashed, by agreement between the show and the Zebra service provider, at the points of communication operators.

Internet version of the application and no different in the work, but differ in content and content oriented.

You can also watch a video presentation.

Commercial calculation of the project is to be a project participant, a participant needs to invest a Deposit equal to twenty-four fixed rates...
Of the twenty-four bets, the player can guess as twenty-four bets will win and by at least one - two – three, etc. the right bet that will remain on his account for two – four – six-etc. additional bets for the next game. Most likely, the party would not withdraw them from the account, and add to them the remaining amount to level it to twenty-four bets to play in the next round...
And in the case of bad luck when a player guesses all twenty-four bets or guesses to a minimum (see third through fifth), he always wins the Joker "Luck"...
Fixed and non-fixed rates. In the original version, there are three status categories of players. The third category is unfixed rate as just simply the participant and the price for SMS.

It is permissible interest rate. In the "Charter of the show," the term is used for a particular country.

All questions and suggestions, send an e-mail:

or call tel. +7 771 479 26 11, 8 7242 27 05 86

Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda city, street Kudabayev №38


The opportunity to feel and listen to the energy informational waves emanating from a single field.

The opportunity to learn to deal with their emotions and equip them. Ability to be in the process and influence the process.


For television, now the main competitor is the internet. There are people who do not watch TV. All the information and entertainment they receive throgh the Internet.

My project is one of the unique ways to return to the TV viewer.


What happens when on the TV starts Advertising? The viewer quickly changes the channel in search of something interesting, or removed, that would be something to get done around the house.

The project "Zebra", the visual part of the advertising on the monitors, runs in the background, and the audio portion to pronounce itself on the lips of a showman, which may end audio and visual logo advertiser.

The expansion and an audience coverage associated with the excitement and the entry of a new TV show. Use for operator.

Brand as a provider of free services for the show "Zebra", which is an advertisement.

Greater indirect trade in the points of communication, cashing money.

Description of the Internet version

Is not a supplement to the electronic television show "Zebra".

Technical assignment for the Internet version of the "Zebra", which is designed as a web portal for the development of intuition.


The portal is designed to reveal the hidden qualities of the person. For strengthening its spiritual, moral and psychic and physiological traits. There is a link to an internal page.


Create an account, Avatar and Nick are required.

Button incognito reserved. His avatar and nickname are not subject to notification system for winning Jack Pot in a special window present.

After the lapse of registration, visitors are greeted by a pop-up window and deletes itself with a greeting message and its quantitative analysis, visitors of this page.

Terms and Rules test games, is located on the way to a test page, so that the new party could read them in advance.

On a test game page visitor can get only through pre-pay a deposit banking. Users will be able to download the application and make a button handy. That is his purse tied to the portal and in the future he will not need to log in to play. Only need authorization.

The test page is run for all participants once every four minutes. There is reminiscent of a button that turns on for half a minute before the start of the session.

(in fact, a separate application)


Monad Yin and Yang - are two buttons that can be used during the nine seconds.

After pressing one of the buttons, the button - Monad visual and audio expresses his reaction to the action and locks automatically.


1. Visitor counter internal pages and game test room should be displayed on all the internal pages and in the test room. They should respond to each participant entered and released immediately. This enhances the sense of reality.

2. The counter visitor’s cash.

3. Timer. Displays the remaining time to think. Counts exactly 9 seconds.


1. Yin and Yang score clicks.

2. After ten seconds, compares the number with the number of Yin Yang.

3. Determines the winning side. The winner is the side on which it was made less clicks.

4. Fires the counter cash. team; take a flat rate from the one who clicked on the losing side and add a fixed rate to those who clicked on the winning side.

!!! EMERGENCY !!! If Yin Yang anyway. Take each and every return. Make a case report in the magazine.

!!! Accident !!! 100% of participants clicked on one side. The program counts 100% of the losers. Make a case report in the magazine.

5. Lowers the rest of the difference in a separate fund.
(first cycle)

6. Score to seven - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

7. Each seventh move raises the entire amount that has accumulated over seven moves of the fund and divides this sum by three.

8. Find and choose the most unlucky player. Refers to paragraph 11 of the Terms of Reference !!! NOTE !!!.

9. Puts 1/3 the amount of the Fund in this regard.

10. Sends a message "Luck" and displays the win on his counter.

11. Highlight the account or IP number as a winner "Jackpot 1/7".

!!! NOTE !!! IF THIS ACCOUNT NUMBER OR HAVE BEEN IN THE LIST "Jack Pot 1/7" OR "Jack Pot 7/7" then the program finds another FROM most unlucky !!!

12. 1/3 of the amount is divided into seven.

13. Finds and chooses seven most unlucky players. The program refers to paragraph 11 of the Terms of Reference !!! NOTE !!!.

14. Sends a message "Luck" and translates the resulting number seven participants.

15. Highlight the account or IP number as a winner "Jackpot 7/7".

18. 1/3 of delays separately until it clicks into the second cycle.
(Second cycle)

19. Counts the first cycle three times. ( +. +

20. Divide the fund that has accumulated from the previous three cycles of twenty-one equal parts (1/3) + (1/3) + (1/3) / 21.

21. Finds and chooses not all of the participants, by random selection twenty-participant is referring to paragraph 11 of the technical tasks.
22. Sends Greetings and includes counter cash transfer the amount to the account.

23. According to the passage of 21 party risk. Throws a party outside the test page.

24. Send protocol test report from the team "Zebra". From the database to the post test, sent a report on the protocol test features of the game, with attendant comments from a psychologist.

Approximately so. It is possible that at every seventh move, after raising capital from the Fund and to its distribution, the program will leave the percentage of the fund portal "Zebra".

It is possible that the portal will take a fixed rate for the test.

A scenery creation for the television show “Zebra”



Hello, dear players and all those who have decided to join us this evening! Today we are giving away 26 pairs of cards with two major players. And our first participant Ivan Petrov from "A".


Ivan acquainted with the rules of the game, and viewers - our players - we want to remind you that you need to send SMS with the code ZZZ to the number of the party that you find will be the winner.


Yes, if you think that the gain will be on the white side, go to the XLXL, but if you find that the gain will be on the black side, go to the XYXY.


Ivan! You can choose a pair to the thirteenth or piecemeal as you wish. made three straight winning entitle you to search, of course, not without risk, "Golden Key" won among those seven cards. And who knows, maybe win an apartment or a car. Do you understand? That’s Perfect! And so is your choice?


The second.


That’s Perfect! A rate provided the company "Alpha". Manufacturer of window blinds, design and sewing curtains, curtains, slipcovers and curtains on furniture.
(opening the rate)
The rate of 30 units.


Ivan! We gave you chips worth 630 units, as all possible winning bets. Their different nominal 50, 20 and 10 units. Company "Alpha" one unit equals one thousand tenge. If you win this bet your winnings will be 30 000 tenge. Your table is divided into black and white side. Bet.


I put on black.


That’s Perfect! Dear players! You have one minute to send SMS. My colleague has already included a timer and after the time the bank is closed, the rates will not be accepted.
And to you, Ivan I have a question! Are you a gambling man?


Not really. I do not play cards and do not go to the casino.


But Ivan! You're playing a Zebra!


Not always. From case to case. And the last time I fort.


Yes, take 24 bets from all twenty-six is not that! Have you probably been a day of luck?


Yes, so to say. Тhe day was striped. Just a bit of luck.


I Get It. Okay! Well, time is running out! Rates are closed! All of them! Rates accepted more rates will not be accepted! Please open our cards.


Bravo! Ivan! You won the company "Alpha", the manufacturer of blinds, curtains, covers and cover 30 000 tenge. Are you glad?


Sure. God forbid, take all the bets!
Of course, God forbid! And I will remind the company "Alpha" manufacturer window blinds, sewing curtains, slipcovers and curtains on furniture. Company address … tel: X's and the Y. Ivan, your move.



You are lucky to make 3 consecutive winning rates, and it means that you have the right to open one of the seven cards.


And an opportunity finds to a "golden key", which is half way to your apartment or car.


Yes, but keep in mind that there is a risk of losing your winnings, there is a risk of losing a bet only, and there is a buffoon, which will oblige you to perform a task Zebras. Do you agree to take such a risk?


Yes, I agree, and select the six.


Are you sure?


Yes, I am sure.


Ivan! Have you ever lived in the village?


Yes, I have.


Well then probably ever seen, and probably had to be milked. Cow, camel, or goat?


O, no. I saw on the news as a milkmaid is milking cows, but yourself did not try.


Ivan! And are you ready to milk? We have ready a bucket apron. Without milking machine of course, it is not a business news.


O, I do not know! But I can try.


Well, we do not have a cow, but in which case you have to milk the goat out. So are you sure that the sixth?


Yes, I am sure the sixth.


Ivan! It seems to me that the goat is standing right behind this sixth card.


But I have chosen it.


Unapproachable today we have a player Ivan Petrov from A. But I want to remind you that if for some reason you do not like the task, you will be able to pay off rate, which would call "Zebra". I opened the sixth card ... Set to play ping - pong! Ivan! I knock on wood, so as not to jinx it. Your move.



And so, Ivan! Today you have 8 bids from companies, "Alpha", "Betta", "Gamma", "Omega", etc. won a set of ping pong and found a "Golden key". Let's see what was behind all the other cards.
(reveals the card on the tablet)
You have 8 rates and found the "Golden key", which means you have a chance to become the owner of an apartment or a car. It all depends on your luck and intuition. That's in your hands zebra. This symbol of the show and put it on the color of the table that you think will be the winner.
Now check out the catalog and throw on your luck, the ball into the spinning roulette wheel drive. If you are lucky you will win something to think about.
Number 17 is white. You have not guessed the color. So your prize, we will choose from the second catalog. And that we have a board game, but it could be .... the refrigerator.
Thank you for playing! All the best! Good Luck!


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