The Mind Field

WADE, 26, is a passionate musician from Los Angeles who hasn't gotten together with his childhood friends - JAMES, 26, and JANDO, 24, since college. In the years in-between, James has moved to New York to pursue writing while Jando is working as a fitness trainer in San Francisco. The three decide to reunite after Wade suggests a last minute camping trip while they're all in town.

In the early hours of the morning, the three pile into Wade’s old RV and head for the Angeles National Forest. As they drive, James explains that he is suffering from writer’s block brought on by a break up he and his long time girlfriend recently had. Wade assures him that his creativity will explode after their camping trip because he has brought with him a new mind altering drug that he personally tried in Peru - a drug that has never been in the United States. Only half listening, Jando jokes that he is ready for a whole new “perspective”.

After arriving and setting up camp, James and Wade catch up as Jando exercises. In their conversation it is clear that the two are very different. James is a serious man with a darkness about him while Wade is more of a modern hippie. Both share a common past and laugh over James perceived woes.

Once settled, the three have a small ceremony where they say what they want to get out of the drug experience. Wade stresses his joy in bringing all three of them along for “a special journey together”. Taking turns, each one shoots back a cocktail of the drug mixed with coffee. Separating, they wait for the effect to take hold.

Alone, each person has a psychedelic experience where their “minds' voices” narrate. Time slows, thoughts flow and euphoria bounds for each individual as they express how connected they feel to the world. During a shared moment, James and Wade realize that they can hear each other’s minds - experiencing a sort of telepathy while on the drug. James distinctly 'hears' Wade say that he is in love with him and always has been since they were kids. Wade confesses it is true and begs James to understand that he loves him deeply and perhaps James is repressing the same feelings. The information is a total surprise to James who is appalled by the news and accusation.

After a heated argument, James leaves Wade alone and the three become estranged under the setting sun. Jando in his own charming way is able to help the two friends patch things up as they laugh at the insanity of it all. Waking up the next morning the three are hungover and confused about the events of the trip. Finding the remnants of the drug out on a picnic table, the group comes to a consensus that they have no memory of the previous day's events.

  • Adam Christy
    The Drifter, Achromatopsia
  • Adam Christy
    The Drifter, Achromstopsia
  • Adam Christy
    The Drifter, Achromatopsia
  • Joshua Delagarza
  • Blaise Godbe Lipman
    Key Cast
    In the Shadows of the Rainbow, Dreaming Awake
  • Brenden McGowan
    Key Cast
    Molehill, Sweet Darling
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    Psychological Drama, Comedy
  • Runtime:
    15 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    October 21, 2016
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Canon 5D, 7D
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Adam Christy

Adam Christy is a filmmaker and active member of the artist collective “Clarinet Marmalade”. From the age of 14, Adam has been involved in writing, directing and acting - attending the Filmsters Academy Film Camp for four years before becoming a counselor himself. His initial work in his hometown of Annapolis, Maryland gained attention from local newspapers, eventually landing him a film scholarship to Jacksonville University in Florida.

In one year's time at Jacksonville, he founded a student film collective alongside his peers that produced numerous shorts including "Fly" and "Swing Man", both of which received honors at the 2008 Jax Film Fest and AT&T's National Campus Moviefest. At the Moviefest that year, he was awarded "Best Actor" for his portrayal as Orville Wright in "Fly" as well as "Best Picture", placing "Fly" in the top ten in the nation.

After writing the short "Achromatopsia" in 2009, Adam left school and moved to Los Angeles to bring the project to life - where it received recognition the following year at the San Diego Film Festival. Since moving to LA, he's become a working actor and filmmaker, appearing in roles on The Disney Channel, NBC and CBS while producing his own long and short form content in-between.

Adam's latest Directing work on "The Drifter" and "The Mind Field" has received separate praise from David Fincher, Frank Khlafoun and cinematographer Steven Poster.

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Director Statement

I make movies to challenge our collective ideas of what makes us human...

In a time when our nation’s stories are one dimensional and our heroes are cliches - I offer something different.

I make movies to open people's eyes and look within themselves...

In a time when media permeates our pockets and technology yearns for our attention - I ask for quiet reflection.

I make movies to inspire and uplift...

In a time when our culture is discouraged and our citizens are tired of the same messages - I remind people that anything is possible.