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"It's A Life Worth Living"

John, a man haunted by his beginnings, struggles with finding meaning and worth in his life. This leads him to choose a path of selfishness and drug abuse. Consequently there’s a breakdown of relationships with his family and his wife. When things start to crumble all around him John gets the wakeup call that he needs in the form of a caring new friend, and others in his life that reach out to him in ways they hadn’t before. God working through them and reaching out to John, guides him on a path of discovery about where his worth and value truly come from, and what in life is truly valuable to him.

  • Keith Perna
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    United States
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  • Keith Perna
Writer Biography - Keith Perna

Since founding the production company Bright Horizon Pictures in June 2005 Keith Perna has Written/Produced/Directed two feature films, "What is Scientific Truth?" and "Christmas Grace". He has also written and is looking to Produce and Direct the film “It’s A Life Worth Living”. In addition he’s been involved in several other Christian productions including "Indescribable", "Unexpected Places", "Beyond the Mask", "A Horse Called Bear" and “Messenger’s Box”.

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