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Pregnant Teen Princess

Self-absorbed 16 - year old teen actress, Ariel Wilde, discovers she’s pregnant. She doesn't tell anyone about her plans for an abortion. Her best friend and assistant, 18 - year old Sarah accidentally finds out though, and Ariel enlists her help. Letting her family/fans know that she is not as innocent as they believe she is, is out of the question. She refuses to let the unplanned pregnancy scar her career.

After hearing the baby's heartbeat at the abortion clinic, Ariel starts having second thoughts about the abortion and plays what ifs through her mind, such as “What if this baby is alive?” “What if it can feel pain?” “What if I am not doing the right thing?” Jack rushes to the clinic after Sarah calls him without Ariel knowing. After he confronts Ariel, he thinks she's the same as every other girl he's met. He calls her a "typical Hollywood chick," and leaves, even though Ariel never went through with the abortion. Sarah talks to Jack and explains Ariel's life as a little girl, and what causes her to come across as over-confident and selfish. It's a front.

Ariel decides to tell her fans the truth and tells the audience before her weekly show taping. She walks off the set, heartbroken, thinking her career is over. She finds out that the fans still love her. She and Jack leave the studio in the midst of a crowd and an aggressive reporter asking them if it's right that a 16-year old pregnant star is a role model for young girls. Jack handles the questions from the reporter with class and Sarah helps them get into a private car. She asks the crowd to "please give them a little time," as the car winds it way slowly down the street and fades from sight.

  • Jennifer Katherine Chapman
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    Student, Short Script
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    United States
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I am studying for my BFA in Writing for Film, Television and Digital Media at The Academy of Art University.

I have an intense passion for creating characters and scripts that create a deep emotional effect on audiences. I strive to entertain and I hope certain scripts help bring awareness to current events.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you.

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